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If you would like to benefit from producing your own energy, our Solar Plan is for you.

We'll make up the hours when the sun can't give you the energy you need.

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The Solar Plan is a personalised plan for all those customers who already have solar panels and are covered by one of the Self-consumption modalities. We have designed this plan to fit your needs as a solar self-consumer, so it promotes energy in the hours when the sun does not shine and your installation does not produce.

The Solar Plan is available for 2.0TD tariffs.

At certain times, our installation can produce more energy than we consume, and this energy is fed into the distribution grid. The current regulation foresees that solar installations of less than 100 kW can benefit from the simplified surplus offsetting model.

Simplified surplus offsetting involves the value of the energy you feed into the grid being calculated by your electricity supplier and the resulting value being discounted from the energy section of your bill.

The maximum amount offset will be the cost of energy billed monthly. The power term must continue to be paid on a monthly basis.

The Solar Plan allows you to offset your surpluses at the best price.

Once the photovoltaic installation has been completed, and during the process to legalise it with your regional government, we will indicate that you wish to benefit from the simplified surplus offsetting model. Your regional government will have a few days within which to notify the electricity distribution company in our area which, in turn, must notify your electricity supplier, again within a few days. The law that regulates surplus offsetting has only recently been passed, meaning that there is still a chance this process may take somewhat longer than planned, depending on where you live.

Once this formality has been carried out, all you now have to do is sign a contract with your electricity supplier that stipulates the offsetting of your surpluses.

If you contract the installation with Smart Solar Iberdrola you will not have not have to worry about anything. We will take care of everything, including the formalities.

The energy term on your bill is a price that is made up of the network access toll, which is a cost set by the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda, and the cost of electricity production. This cost is made up of the hourly electricity market price, the cost of transmission and distribution networks, as well as other costs associated with supply.

When your installation has surpluses, these are compensated at a lower price because it does not include the access toll term.

All Made to Measure Plans other than the Stable Plan and the Plan 3 periods require a smart meter installed in the system to give us remote access to data about your hourly consumption and to bill you for the cheaper rate hours in accordance with the promotion.

The Smart Assistant service is free for the first 4 months. You can cancel at any time by calling: 900 11 00 11

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