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For €1.20 per month, without installation and from your mobile, you will have access to the consumption of your household appliances, you will know your historical data...

No installation: sign up for the service, download the App and start saving.

Control your consumption, know your history, understand what consumes the most and (also) save energy.

We provide you with free advice so that you can be more efficient and save money.

Take advantage of our household appliance breakdown service.

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Disaggregation of consumption: consumption of your bill broken down by categories and appliances. Estimated electricity consumption breakdown, with a high degree of accuracy, based on your home's actual hourly electricity consumption measured with the smart meter and a mathematical algorithm.

Consumption history: detailed evolution of consumption in € and kWh.

Reports: summary of expenditure and monthly consumption on the App and Website.

Custom alerts.

The electricity used by your household is broken down into different categories.
To calculate all consumptions over the total, the Smart Assistant uses a mathematical algorithm that combines statistics, the user consumption curve and a housing profile entered by the customer.

Always-on consumption usually accounts for 20-25% of total household energy consumption. It includes all the devices and electrical appliances in standby mode.
See here for some tips on how to reduce this type of energy usage while lengthening the useful life of your appliances and devices:
  • Check how much power devices consume on standby before you buy them. Manufacturers provide this type of information, which allows you to consider standby consumption in your decision to buy.
  • Use power strips with switches to turn off all the devices and charges at the same time.
  • Use timers to switch certain devices off at certain times when they will not be used, or to turn them on when you are coming home. By switching them off for part of the time, you will save electricity.
  • Use special power strips with a standby eliminator.

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