This is my experience with solar panels

At Smart Solar we have photovoltaic self-consumption services for any type of customer, from residential to large industrial customers. We know that each person has their own expectations and needs, which is why we believe that the opinions of our customers are key. Below, you will find an example of each of the most common types of installations so that you can better understand the advantages of Iberdrola's Smart Solar.

Solar panels on single-family houses

Francisco Javier, after the lockdown and the widespread implementation of teleworking, was clear about the decision to opt for energy self-consumption in his home with the support of Iberdrola.

He had always inclined towards sustainability and environmental protection, an aspect that appealed to him due to this change. Furthermore, the possibility of saving up to 50% on the amount of his bill was one of the reasons that made him make up his mind definitively.

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Do you know that self-consumption in private homes is increasing exponentially? In this video case study we put Francisco Javier's situation in context and he tells us about his experience since he installed the solar panels.

He expresses his satisfaction and shares how positive he is finding it. And that, as he completed his installation with a separate battery, his home has become more energy self-sufficient.. He also points out that the savings on his bill are being greater than the studies had predicted.

This is an example of an installation with solar panels on houses of private individuals with positive feedback. We remind you that they can be installed in both single-family homes and high-rise residences. Do you want to be the next one to feel this satisfied?


Francisco Javier: "The experience is proving to be very positive. We are achieving even greater savings than we did in the study".


José María García: "At the residents' meeting the decision was taken on the basis of savings, solidarity with the environment and co-responsibility for sustainability".

Solar self-consumption in building residents? associations

This neighbour speaks on behalf of the property owners' association in which we have installed a collective photovoltaic self-consumption system. Located in the Retiro district of Madrid, he recommends us to follow their example because of the many advantages obtained.

The lift, courtyard lighting and staircase lighting, as well as other communal areas, are powered by photovoltaic energy. These neighbours decided to incorporate 660 solar panels into their building. They took this decision with savings in mind, and also out of a commitment to the environment and sustainability.

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They currently enjoy a 60 % reduction in the Community's electricity costs. Each homeowner is paying around 30% less than before the installation.

These solar panels generate electricity even on cloudy days, albeit at a lesser rate. In addition, the surpluses produced can be discharged into the grid getting an offsetting on their electricity bill.

Solar installation in businesses

Located in Bizkaia, this charming rural hotel with the essence of a Basque farmhouse is another emblematic and very illustrative case. The installation is allowing them to self-consume 4,646 kWh per year.

This set of solar panels reflects very specific data: 4.8 kWp of energy installation power, 7.68 kWh of storage capacity and 1452 kg of a reduction on CO2 emissions per year.

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The owner tells us, in this video of the Hotel Rural Lurdeia, what motivations led them to take this decision. Above all, he highlights the positive consequences of the installation. And he assures us that in addition to generating attractive financial savings, it becomes a real way to help the earth.

Social awareness and their rural background were additional reasons to move in this direction. Now, the hotel continues to provide its services in perfect harmony with nature and contributing, to the best of its ability, to its safeguarding and protection.


Hotel Rural Lurdeia: "Solar energy is very positive and now is the time to develop it. [...] and we are doing mother earth a great favour."


Salvador Gimerá Girón, Bodegas González Byass: "González Byass is a family company that is firmly committed to sustainability. [...]. We are proud to have a partner of reference like Iberdrola."

Installation of solar energy in companies

The production director of González Byass explains the business experience of his winery with photovoltaic energy to us. Its installation is made up of a surface area of 3800 m2 . Both on the ground and on the roof, it has an output of 300 kW and generates an average of 625.1 MWh per year

Since its creation in 1835, this family-owned company has been committed to environmental, social and personal care. This initiative includes a RSE strategy called 5+5, which aims to improve the legacy handed over to future generations.

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They are firmly committed to renewable energies for this, among other actions. And with the pride of having Iberdrola as a reference partner.

In this way, it becomes a valid example for any company that is considering starting to generate their own energy.

Solar panels and opinions

As you have seen, our customers pass on their enthusiasm. Self-consumption of energy allows us to save money while helping the environment. If you are interested, take a look at our solar installation simulator