Gas Boilers and Heaters

Enjoy the warmth of your home, consuming less and without paying more

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If you hate having cold feet...

Gas Boilers and Heaters

Enjoy the warmth of your home more than ever with your gas boiler or heater and save more than ever.

Stop worrying, install more efficient equipment and start reducing consumption during the colder months.

We check that your boiler or heater is working efficiently annually.

If you install a boiler with the Gas Equipment Upgrade service, you can purchase a smart thermostat, valued at €250, for only €99 (VAT included).

Why Iberdrola?

Because every day we work to show you that we are committed to you, your savings and the planet.

What do gas boilers and heaters include?

  • Supply of equipment with standard installation.*
  • Customer service and repair of faults.
  • Annual maintenance and check.
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* included in the General Terms and Conditions section of the Smart Boiler contract.