Gas boilers and heaters

Enjoy a warm home with your family by renewing your gas boiler or heater. And say goodbye to blankets.

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Why is it right for me?

Because by signing up, you'll be able to enjoy the warmest winters in just three steps.


Call us

Call us on 900 22 45 22. We will visit your home and offer a tailored quotation.


Everything will be installed for you

A few days after the installation, you'll receive a call to check everything is working.


Forget about maintenance

If you've signed up for the Gas Maintenance Package, you won't have to call to unsubscribe.

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What does it include?

With the Gas Comfort service, you receive:

New equipment

One of the most efficient devices, so that you can enjoy warmth and savings.

Annual maintenance

So you don't have to worry about anything and keep on enjoying your warm home.

Full guarantee

Full coverage of the new device. Peace of mind, assured.

Any more questions?

We'll resolve them for you via any channel.

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