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Home Gas Plan

If you like enjoying a warm home with your loved ones, our Home Gas Plan is the one for you. Your costs will go down if you consume less than 50,000 kWh/year.

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How much will I pay with this Plan?

* Price including taxes. Includes: Special tax on electricity (5.11269632%) or special tax on hydrocarbons: natural gas for domestic use (�0.002338/kWh); and the indirect taxes applicable to the amount resulting from the above: VAT (21%) for the peninsula and the Balearic Islands. For the Canary Islands, the IGIC (7%) applies and for Ceuta and Melilla, the IPSI (1%) applies.

Home Gas Plan Terms and Conditions

Any questions?

Here you will find some of the most frequent questions, with their answers.

The Home Gas Plan can be contracted by households whose consumption is less than 50,000 kWh. Although virtually all households have this consumption, you can estimate your annual consumption from the consumption history that appears on your gas bill.

Iberdrola undertakes to maintain its prices for 12 months, without prejudice to updating them in line with the variation corresponding to the CPI on 1 January of each year in which the contract is in effect.

No. One of the advantages of the Home Gas Plan is its flexibility. You can change plan whenever you want at no cost to you.

Yes, they do. e-billing is one of the benefits of the Home Gas Plan. Electronic billing is quick, secure (bills are legally valid), convenient, environment friendly and, what?s more, free.

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