Save up to 70% by generating your energy, and up to 1,000 € in installing the panels


Solar Cloud

Save even more on your bills with the energy you have left over.
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Save with the energy you have left over

What happens to the energy I generate and do not consume? Transform the surplus from your self-consumption into euros, and save with Solar Cloud. How will I save? The money accumulates in your virtual wallet and it will be deducted from the bill* of any of your energy contracts with Iberdrola (of your main residence, your second home... ) Any contract, as long as you are the titleholder!
* The accumulated savings will be credited to your bill within 60 days of activation from the Solar Cloud.

How do I save with Solar Cloud?


We turn your surplus into cash

Any surplus that could not be offset will be stored in euros directly in your Solar Cloud virtual wallet.


Save on your bills without worrying

On the bill issued for any of your contracts, the amount stored in your Solar Cloud will be deducted in the following order:
1. Energy
2. Power (Provided there is money in the virtual wallet)
3. Regulated costs (Provided there is money in the virtual wallet)


What if I have energy to spare?

Customers with a contract

The money is stored to be offset against the next bill that is issued.

Customers with more than one contract

The money saved is offset on the following bills for the rest of your homes.

What requirements do I have to meet to take advantage of Solar Cloud?

To have an electricity contract with Iberdrola Customers.

To have self-consumption with surplus offsetting activated.

Offsetting of surpluses at a fixed price.

To be a private customer (National Id (DNI) no.) with a 2.0 or 3.0 tariff.

The same contract holder in all contracts with Iberdrola.

Do you have any questions?

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Do you have any further questions?

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