Smart Consumption Monitor

Monitor your consumption in
real time for ¤186.05

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If you like to have everything under control...

Smart Consumption Monitor

Monitor your household appliances in real time from your mobile phone. This gives you greater control and efficiency in your day-to-day life.

Know in real time the efficiency of your appliances, save energy and spend less.

Free installation: we take care of all installation and shipping.

Manage everything from your mobile phone, control your bills, check your bills...

Why is it right for me?

Because we will install this wifi meter in your electrical panel and you willl be able to see the consumption of your household appliances in real time for €186.05* (Taxes included).

You are 4 easy steps away from monitoring your energy

Step 1

Enter your personal details, name, telephone number, National Id (DNI)...

Step 2

Confirm your full address.

Step 3

Check that the details are correct before continuing.

Step 4

Finally, also confirm your bank details and click on sign up.

What is included in the Smart Consumption Monitor?

Free shipping and installation

Wibeee Box equipment and a measuring clamp.

Access to all information about your appliances at all times

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