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If you want to keep track of your electricity consumption in real time, the Smart Consumption Monitor is made for you. Because control equals peace of mind and savings.

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Why is it right for me?

Because we will install this wifi meter in your electrical panel and you willl be able to see the consumption of your household appliances in real time for €186.05* (Taxes included).



Check your consumption in real time, with itemisation for each appliance.



Monitoring your consumption means saving on your electricity bill.



You will be able to monitor your consumption and also the efficiency of your appliances.

*Price including taxes. Includes indirect taxes: VAT (21%) for the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. For the Canary Islands, IGIC (7%) applies and for Ceuta and Melilla, IPSI (4%) applies.

Any questions?

Here you will find some of the most frequent questions, with their answers, in case they can help you.

What is the Consumption Monitor?

The Iberdrola Consumption Monitor is a WiFi electricity measuring device fitted in your main electricity box that allows you to see the detailed consumption of your appliances in real time.

What does signing up for the product include?

The box includes a Mirubox device and a measuring clamp as well as free delivery and installation of the device by an Iberdrola technician.

What does Consumption Monitor cost?

The consumption monitor costs €186.05 (VAT included) and Iberdrola is responsible for its installation. It can be purchased at:

What does the service or the platform cost?

Nothing, just the price of the product itself. All product services are free of charge.

From the time I buy the product, how long does it take to receive it?

Depending on the destination, delivery times vary between four and eight business days.

What data consumption/bandwidth is necessary?

The Mirubox is permanently connected to the Internet but the bandwidth required is very little. In fact the data it sends to the servers are the time, the active and reactive power and the voltage. It does this once every second. By the end of the day, at a conservative estimate, the Mirubox will have uploaded some 10Mb of data and downloaded about 2Mb.

Does the Smart Consumption Monitor have a memory? What happens if the internet is disconnected?

The Mirubox needs to be permanently connected in order to send high-resolution data (one item of data per second) and to be able to apply the consumption disaggregation algorithm (inspected). However, it does have a small memory which retains your home's total cumulative consumption, that is to say it retains a number, like a company meter, but not intermediate data. So if Internet connection is lost, the meter continues to count total consumption, and when the connection is restored it looks at the difference since the last connection and fills in the gaps distributing the consumption uniformly. The memory does not have the capacity to retain high-resolution data of one item per second, so in periods of disconnection it is not possible to apply the algorithm to disaggregate consumption.

Does the Smart Consumption Monitor work without an internet connection?

In general the answer is that it is not possible to use the Mirubox without an Internet connection. If you know enough about IT and programming, you may be able to set up a local server to constantly consult the Mirubox and save the information, but the Mirubox itself saves nothing but the cumulative value of consumption (a single number, like a company meter). In any case we cannot provide support for such "home-made" solutions. Furthermore, without an Internet connection it will not be possible to ascertain disaggregated power consumption, since this depends on an algorithm which works on servers.

What maximum power or intensity can the Smart Consumption monitor measure?

The nominal intensity of the clamp is 70A (or 16kW at 230V). If it is "moderately" exceeded there is no problem, the equipment is not damaged. Simply, from 70A you start to leave the "lineal" working zone and the measurement error gradually increases. Up to 70A the measurement error should be below 1%, and from 70A up it will increase. To give an example, at 100A the error rate may be 2%. The equipment is for domestic installations, and indeed the size of the clamp makes it impossible to connect very thick cables that would carry higher currents than those mentioned. In any case, our recommendation is not to exceed the nominal current.

How are the consumption figures broken down?

The electricity load recognition system is like a voice recognition system which instead of recognising words recognises uses of home appliances. In order to be able to do this, the Mirubox measures one item of data per second of active and reactive power and voltage. At the end of the day this leads to a graph with 86,000 points, and it is to this that we apply the pattern recognition algorithm (to the last day, analysing the previous 24 hours, it is not in real time). The algorithm looks for surges or peaks in consumed power (corresponding to appliances being turned on and off) and other particular characteristics of each appliance such as for example refrigerators, which tend to peak every time the compressor starts up, washing machines, which show very characteristic fluctuations every time the motor that turns the drum starts and stops, ovens and ceramic hobs which show recognisable curves as they heat up and then go through automatic on/off cycles (ceramic hobs with greater frequency than ovens), and so on.
Therefore, what is measured is real, not estimated. However it must also be said that it will never be as exact as a physical measurement of each appliance with a device. The error in allocating energy is around 20%. In any case, we believe that it is a good guide and that the savings in costs and bother make it worthwhile.

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