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Enjoy the peace of mind of your home, with the assurance that our highly efficient equipment won't increase your energy consumption and you won't have to worry about installation.

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A complete air-conditioning solution to keep your house cool and reduce your energy consumption. Your peace of mind is included too.

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You can cool and heat your entire home with your air conditioning from ?1,999 including standard installation

The price includes standard installation, and also includes 3 free months of our full warranty service. Price with taxes calculated for the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. Includes: VAT (21%). For the Canary Islands, instead of VAT, the IGIC (7%) will be applied and for Ceuta and Melilla the IPSI (1%).

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All our equipment can be controlled from your mobile phone thanks to the manufacturer's application, allowing you to turn the equipment on and off and adjust the temperature. To do this, you need to have WiFi in the home where the equipment is installed, pair the device with the home WiFi network and download the manufacturer's application on your smartphone to access it (check with the manufacturer if you have any questions about the compatibility of your smartphone's operating system and the application).

Any residential customer It is not necessary to have any energy supply contract with Iberdrola Clientes.

It is necessary to have pre-installed ducts in the home in order to be able to offer you this air conditioning service. That is, the existence of wiring to install the thermostat, refrigeration pipes and wiring between the indoor unit and where the outdoor unit is installed, supply and return grilles in the rooms to be air-conditioned. In addition, you must ensure that the technician has access to the locations where the units are installed on the day of the visit.

Several models of split air conditioners have special systems and filters that go beyond the usual removal of dust. It should be borne in mind that generally air conditioners installed in homes recirculate the air inside and do not introduce air from outside, so using filters that improve the air is crucial to avoid breathing stale air. You can find equipment with filters or systems that remove odours from the environment, eliminate bacteria, allergens and viruses in our offer.

With air conditioning you will be able to air-condition your home in a sustainable, efficient manner, as they are very low-consumption devices. For example, to air-condition a 20 m2 room we would need at least a 2000W radiator that would consume 2000W every hour, with an air conditioner we would generally have a consumption of between 600 and 800W per hour. Consult the characteristics of the equipment for more details and bear in mind that the setpoint temperature of the room is key to energy saving.

We offer up to 60 months financing through the main financial institutions. In addition, contact us for current interest-free financing conditions subject to the approval of the collaborating financial institutions.

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