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Clima Confort is your complete air conditioning solution: we assess, install and take care of any problems. With our efficient, sustainable R32 gas equipment you will save electricity and, thanks to its WiFi technology, you can control it from anywhere using your mobile phone. Our catalogue covers every need: the Split system to provide climate control for one room, Multisplit if you require it in more rooms, or a central ducted system for the entire house.

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What do we offer?

A complete air-conditioning solution to keep your house cool and reduce your power consumption. Your peace of mind is included too.

What are the advantages of getting your air conditioning from Iberdrola?

We look after everything

Relax, Iberdrola handles all the installation details.

No need for a contract

You can renew your electrical equipament without having to have a contract


By signing up for this Plan, you will automatically enjoy all the benefits of E-Billing: check your bill online; quickly, ecologically and free of charge.