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"Bono Social" Subsidised Electricity Rate for the self employed

Apply for the "Bono Social" Subsidised Electricity Rate for self-employed workers and get protection during the State of Alarm.


Suspend bill payments

If you are self-employed or an SME, you can put off paying your bills during the state of alarm, without being cut off or having your contract terminated.


Reduce your installed capacity free of charge

Reduce your installed capacity during the state of alarm and avoid additional costs.


Customised advice

Learn about all our Made-to-Measures Plans and select the one that best suits your current situation. Remember, you can switch whenever you like, easily and free of charge.


Payment facilities

We will help you to pay your bills by providing different methods of payment and an option to pay in several monthly instalments at no additional cost to you.


Free electrical emergencies

We have an electrical emergency service for seniors