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Aerothermy converts air energy into heat. With it you can enjoy heating, hot water (or both) in your home.

Save all the time: 80% of the energy that Aerothermy extracts from the air is free.

Installation included: we take care of all the installation and supply of the equipment.

We help you with the financing so that deciding will cost you as little as enjoying aerothermy.

What is aerothermal energy?

It is a sustainable home air-conditioning system that uses energy from the outside air to produce heating in winter, cooling in summer and hot water all year round.

By using natural, renewable energy, it contributes to the improvement of the environment by reducing CO2 emissions by 70% and is 4 times more efficient than a conventional boiler.

The aerothermal energy system is designed and installed according to the needs and characteristics of each home, as it is a fully customisable system that can be adapted to the space of your home.

How does it work?

Outdoor unit

A high-efficiency heat pump installed outside the house extracts energy from the ambient air (free of charge).

Indoor unit

It uses energy from the air to heat and store water, which is then distributed to taps, radiators and underfloor heating to generate renewable heating and hot water in winter. In summer, it can generate cold water for cooling via underfloor heating or fan coils.

Advantages of aerothermal energy.

Installation in the home

A personalised study is carried out, adapted to the space, layout and needs of each home before the aerothermal installation is started. The following is necessary to be able to install this system:

Outdoor unit

This is installed outside the house and it can be on the façade, terrace or in the garden, depending on its size. One or two modules can be installed depending on the power required.

Indoor unit

Made up by the domestic hot water (DHW) storage tank and other elements that exchange heat between the outside and the inside. A built-in unit (refrigerator size: 60x60x1.85cm) is usually installed, although a wall-mounted unit (boiler size) can be installed with a separate DHW tank depending on the space available.

Differences from traditional systems

Do you have any questions?

It is a system designed for any type of home. Aerothermal energy can be used as long as we have the necessary space to locate the indoor and outdoor units required in the installation.

The indoor unit is about the same size as a refrigerator and the outdoor unit is slightly larger than an outdoor air conditioning unit. The outdoor unit is usually placed on the floor, as in most cases it cannot be hung high.

There are several points to assess:

  • If you already have heating installed and you wish to change your gas or oil boiler for Aerothermal energy, you would only have to replace one unit with another, taking advantage of the existing installation.

  • Aerothermal energy reaches its maximum efficiency with underfloor heating, which allows heating in winter and cooling in summer, although it can also work perfectly well with traditional radiators without reducing comfort, although in this case its use would only be possible for heating, without cooling.

  • With this in mind, equipment with basic installation for a 100m2 house with a heating circuit can cost as little as €8,000.

The final savings depend on many factors, such as the current fuel price, but most of the savings come from the high efficiency of aerothermal energy. In the case of a conventional oil boiler,savings of up to 75% could be made on the energy consumption bill.

Aerothermal energy will always offer better performance and greater savings if combined with low-temperature heat or cold emitting systems such as underfloor heating.

Are photovoltaic and aerothermal energy a good combination?

The best way to combine both solutions is to enhance the benefits of each, as not just two renewable energies are used in the household. In addition, the electricity produced by the photovoltaic panels supplies the electricity needed for the aerothermal energy system (that 25%) and the heating/cooling and domestic hot water generated would be practically at zero cost under optimal sun conditions.

With both renewable technologies we managed to reduce the demand for non-renewable energy by more than 60%.

As it is a renewable technology, aerothermal energy is directly subsidised to promote its use and installation. Subsidies are available at state, regional and municipal level. You will be able to choose one or the other, depending on the type of property and the customer's different characteristics.

At Iberdrola we will advise you and manage the application and processing of the corresponding subsidy for customers who contract Smart Clima Aerotermia. Subsidies may come either directly (installation subsidy) or indirectly in the form of a deduction. Click here to check the grants.

The amount of the grant will vary depending on the grants applied for. In the most favourable cases, the amount of grant may be up to 80% of the total cost of the installation.

The available grants can currently be consulted on the Iberdrola grants portal.

There are also additional grants at municipal level, which are usually related to direct IBI discounts.

In addition, the installation of Aerothermal energy receives an income tax deduction of up to 40% and in conjunction with photovoltaic installations it can reach 60%.

Programme 6 grant for renewable air-conditioning:

The most common grant for installing an aerothermal energy system is the programme 6 grant, which provides €500 per kW reaching up to €3,000 (which is reached in most cases). We illustrate some typical cases that can be financed with this grant:

RD 477/2021 establishes additional grants for demographic challenges (see PREE 5.000), for municipalities with up to 5,000 inhabitants and for non-urban municipalities with up to 20,000 inhabitants in which all their singular population entities have up to 5,000 inhabitants.


Installations must be carried out after 1 July 2021 in the case of individuals, and after the date of the grant application in the case of companies. To process your grant, you must register and apply for your grant on Iberdrola's grant management platform before 5 December 2023.


These grants shall be incompatible with other subsidies or grants that may be awarded for the same purpose.

How to apply for them:

We take care of everything. Register and apply before 5 December 2023.

Other grants for optional compatible items:

There are additional, complementary grants to the Aerothermal Energy subsidy, such as for underfloor heating or for dismantling an existing installation.

  • For underfloor heating installation (€600 per kW up to €3,600)

  • To replace radiators with low-temperature radiators (up to €1,830)

  • To install fan coils (up to €1,830)

You can contract the service by calling 900 22 45 22 or leaving your details at Aerotermia - IBERDROLA.

Any residential customer, whether or not they are Iberdrola customers.

We offer financing for up to 120 months through the main financial institutions.

Aerothermal energy is compatible with various types of radiators and works very efficiently in combination with this system. However, it is true that its performance is higher and more usable with heat emitters that operate at low temperatures, such as underfloor heating or low-temperature radiators.

Aerothermal energy is a system that uses an electrical input (25%) together with the energy from the ambient air (75%) to heat or cool water for use in heating and domestic hot water (DHW) in winter and cooling in summer.

As it is a technology that is 4 times more efficient than a conventional boiler, Aerothermal energy is able to provide optimum heating comfort in the home, maintaining a constant temperature at all times.

In short, it is a technology designed to replace heating equipment that uses fossil fuels (gas or diesel oil) with aerothermal systems that use clean, renewable energy from the environment, thereby reducing CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere.

Aerothermal energy is classified as renewable energy according to the European Parliament directive 2009/28/EC.

It is a 100% electric, renewable and clean technology.

Because it uses 75% outside air as a renewable, natural and inexhaustible energy source to heat or cool the water as needed. Aerothermal energy is considered renewable because of its high efficiency; it produces more energy than it consumes: In particular, for every 1 kW of electricity consumed, it generates up to 4 kW.

Both Aerothermy and air conditioning are called heat pumps because they have a similar operation; however they have different functionalities.

Air conditioning is an air-to-air heat pump because it exchanges energy with the outside ambient air, which it uses to cool the air inside our home in summer and heat it in winter.

Aerothermy is an air-to-water heat pump because it transforms the energy from the outside air into hot water for us to be able to shower and have heating in winter and can also produce cold water for cooling in summer.

Therefore, Aerothermy combined with underfloor heating is a more complete system because it covers the needs of heating, cooling and hot water for showers and taps.

The coefficient of energy efficiency in heating mode or COP is a concept used to measure the theoretical efficiency of a device. Generally speaking, it can be defined as the ratio between the energy produced (or heating power) and the energy consumed.

The higher the COP, the higher the performance of the equipment.

The fan coil is powered by electricity and hot or cold water. This water passes through coils that transfer the temperature to the air expelled by the appliance and, in this way, cold or hot air is generated as required.

If you want to have equipment similar to air conditioning, powered by aerothermal energy, the most advisable thing to do would be to install fan coils. In the latter case, the installation cost could be between €500 and €800 per unit.

It can work with a split system that you already have installed in your home (only in some models and adapting the installation).

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