Offsetting surplus: continue saving with your solar system

Where does all the energy we generate and do not consume, which is offset on the bill, go?

Spain is opening up to an unprecedented solar future. In Europe's sunniest country, living (literally) off the sun is more possible than ever. If you have your own roof or sufficient agreement with your neighbours, you can enjoy solar photovoltaic self-consumption and save up to 50% on your electricity bill, a figure that increases in the months with the most sunshine.

Royal Decree 244 of April 2019 allows photovoltaic self-consumption to be updated and the surpluses generated by our panels can be fed into the grid, in exchange obtaining a financial compensation in the electricity bill for this energy.

It's easy: the sun shining in the sky and powering our panels emits constant radiation. When we do not use it and we produce more energy than we are consuming, that surplus is fed into the grid and is offset in our electricity bill. Interesting, isn't it? With the Solar Plan, Iberdrola will offset your surplus.


What do I have to do to offset the energy I have generated and not self-consumed?

Let us daydream. And this is a dream that is easy to achieve: you have already installed the panels on your roof and are a happy owner of a photovoltaic system. If you do not have an installation power greater than 100 kW, which is unusual for a standard household, you are within the plans set by the government to benefit from offsetting surpluses. Now you must legalise your solar installation and register as a self-consumer with your Autonomous Community, where you must indicate whether you want to take advantage of the simplified offsetting of surpluses method. If you contract your Smart Solar installation, Iberdrola will take care of all the formalities. Once this step has been taken, you will have to sign a contract with your supplier to provide for the offsetting of your surplus. Simple, isn't it?

Remember that you will be green from start to finish with this method, as not only do you generate your own solar energy, but the energy you consume from the grid will also be certified renewable. You will not only reduce your CO2 emissions. But also those of many more people.

Knowing your consumption, getting to the 0 rate

An essential tool to know if you should take advantage of this modality is to know your energy consumption. With Iberdrola's Smart Assistant and its very simple app, you will learn about your energy habits, the times when you need power and when you do not. You should then compare your consumption with the insulation levels of your house and the energy generation capacity of your solar installation. Knowing about yourself is transformative because it empowers you. This way you know how much energy is going in and how much is going out. In other words: how much you will use and how much you will save.


In addition, you can now get your bill to be 0. In the event that you have more surpluses than can be offset on your electricity bill, these will be subsidized with Solar Cloud.

Are you able to reduce your tariff to unbelievable levels? Yes, and all thanks to the star that gives life to this planet and that you greet every day.

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