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What are surpluses?

  • Save up to 70% savings on your electricity bill.
    The energy you produce and do not consume gives you the biggest savings.

  • Only for installations up to 100kW
    Don't miss the opportunity to take advantage of solar energy!

  • Suitable for own roofs or solar communities
    Save as much as possible, no matter how you produce energy.

What do you need to activate your offsetting with Iberdrola?

If your was carried out by Iberdrola, we take care of everything! And if not, once you have legalised it and the file is closed, you only have to apply by e-mail or contact us by telephone,

How does Iberdrola activate surplus offsetting?

Here are the three simple steps we will follow to activate your offsetting:


Want to save even more thanks to solar energy?

Switch to Solar Cloud and unblock a new savings level

It works very simply: you can store the surplus of your self-consumption and convert it into savings through a virtual wallet.


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