If you don't want to loose sleep over heating...

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Control Clima Smart

By regulating the temperature in your home from your mobile phone, you don't have to worry and you save on energy and surprises.

Turn your heating on or off whenever you want to improve your energy efficiency and that of the planet.

Free shipping - you can install it yourself!

Manage everything from your mobile phone, control your bills, check your bills...

Why Iberdrola?

Because every day we work to show you that we are committed to you, your savings and the planet.

You are 4 easy steps away from enjoying Smart Climate Control at home

Step 1

Enter your personal details, name, telephone number, National Id (DNI)...

Step 2

Confirm your full address

Step 3

Check that the details are correct before continuing

Step 4

Finally, also confirm your bank details and click on sign up


What does Smart Climate Control include?

Free shipping

Sensibo Sky WiFi controller for air conditioners and heat pumps

Set the temperature of your home from any location

Any questions?

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