Home Electricity
Protection Plus

For those who like to relax and have everything covered. Because, with this Plan your electrical installation, household appliances and television will be covered. For just 7.95€ a month (9.62€ a month including taxes)*.

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Why is it right for me?

Because if you have a breakdown there will be no extra expense for you. Everything is covered while you just save and relax.

What does it include?

Home Electricity Protection Plus

For €7,95 a month (€9,62 a month including taxes*)información

Household Appliance Protection 10

Up to €300 for repairs per household appliance.

Electrical Handyman

An annual visit from a technician with up to 3 hours labour to replace electrical fittings, lights or domestic appliances, or to programme electronic devices.

Electrical Emergencies

Up to €550 to repair urgent electrical breakdowns.

Energy survey

Free energy advice visit by a specialised technician who will help you to obtain the greatest energy and economic savings in your home.

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Any questions?

Here you will find some of the most frequent questions, with their answers, in case they can help you.

With the Plus Home Electricity Protection service your electrical installation, kitchen appliances, TV and heating installation and appliances will be covered against any electrical and/or electronic fault. A qualified technician will visit your home to repair them. We cover all repair costs (travel, labour and parts) up to € 550 for the electrical installation and € 300 per electrical appliance and installation and heating appliance and without any limits on repairs. If the appliance or installation and heating appliance cannot be repaired for a justifiable reason, we will compensate you with up to € 300 per appliance or installation and heating appliance, depending on the age.

It also includes an energy assessment visit every four years when a specialised technician will visit your home to check your installations and consumption habits and to identify all your savings opportunities.

The Electrical DIY service also covers one annual repair by a qualified technician, including travel costs and up to 3 hours of labour. This service allows you to replace any electrical devices (plugs, switches, etc.), lamps or wall lights, install electrical appliances or even configure technological equipment such as your new Smart TV or your children's game console.

Any residential customer You do not need to have an energy supply contract with Iberdrola Customers.

You can sign up for the service by calling us on 900 110 011 or, if you prefer, by visiting your nearest service point.

You can also sign up for it using our app or website.

The one-year duration of the service is automatically renewed for consecutive one-year periods unless the client communicates otherwise by at least fifteen (15) days advance notice before the end of each period.

You can request any of the services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 900 22 45 22 and you can also request the electrical appliance repair service via the app.

In under 3 hours, we will sort out urgent breakdowns of your electrical installation, repair your electrical appliances and do DIY tasks in less than 48 working hours and the visit within 10 working days.

You can cancel at any time without penalties. In addition, since this is a Service Pack (Protection 10, Electrical Emergencies and Heating Protection), customers may cancel one or more of the two services included in the Pack at any time, in which case only the selected service/s will remain in force.

Any more questions?

We will resolve them for you via any of our channels.