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To sign up for an electricity contract, you must remember that the power requested for the contract cannot exceed the maximum permissible for your installation.

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To sign up for any electricity supply, you will need to provide us with these documents:


First occupation licence or opening licence for the first contract.


Occupancy certificate issued by the provincial body of the Ministry of Public Works or autonomous community, or definitive rating certificate.


Low-voltage electrical installation certificate, depending on the type of supply, in triplicate copy, issued by the electrician who carried it out and stamped by the Administration's Competent Body.


National identity document, company tax no. (CIF), tax ID no. (NIF), passport or work card.


Property deed or rental agreement, or award letter in in public promotions.

The final amount for your contract will depend on the fees that apply to the point of supply where the contract is to be registered. As long as the power you request does not exceed 50 kW, the fees are as follows:

Subscriber fees are the fee paid to the distributor to carry out the necessary actions to manage a new supply or to extend an existing one.

Once paid, subscriber fees are attached to the installation so they are only payable for extensions or access that is extra to that already in place. Access fees are always paid at the start of a new contract.

The method of calculating the cost of these fees is as follows:

Extension fee: 17,374714 €/kW in excess of that recognised.

Access fee: 19,703137 €/kW, likewise, in excess of that recognised.

Connection fees are payable to distributors if they have to make the electrical connection between the point of reception and their networks. They are also payable to distributors when they have to do work on the metering equipment.

The connection fee is €9,044760.

Verification fees must be paid by the customer to the distributor when the latter checks a customer's private installation.

The verification fee is €8,011716.

These fees will not be charged when power increases do not exceed the maximum permissible power shown in the last installer's certificate, provided the installation is less than 20 years old.

Guarantee fees are the amount to be paid at the moment of signing the contract, for an amount equal to the theoretical monthly bill amount corresponding to 50 hours of use of the power contracted.

How do I sign up?

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