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900 225 235
24 hours
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900 22 45 22
24 hours
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French 900 322 033 96 232 80 22
English 900 322 044 91 649 63 30
German 900 322 049 96 232 80 21
Spanish, Catalan, Basque y Valencian 900 225 235 91 649 63 28

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Customer Service Points
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Departamento de reclamaciones (Claims Department)
Apartado de correos - 61090
28080 Madrid
Claims Service Hotline
900 225 235
24 hours
901 20 20 28
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Guidelines for the Handling of Customer Complaints and Claims
Our commitment to customers is clear in our guidelines on how to handle their complaints

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All claims received are registered in our computer systems and the customer may request information about them via any of the channels indicated. The process the complaint will undergo is as follows:



Your complaint has been entered in our system and is ready for processing to start.


In process

We are working on your complaint. Sometimes it will be necessary to ask you for more information or documents, or we will have to contact your distributor or service provider in order to deal with it.



Your complaint has been resolved. Notification of the result has already been sent to you.

IBERDROLA CLIENTES, S.A.U. is committed to replying to any claim in as short a time as possible, taking no longer than one month from the date of receipt at our claims centre. The reply's purpose is to inform the customer of the actions that have been or will be taken to resolve the incident raised in the claim. A reply does not necessarily mean that the incident has been resolved. This is because actions may often be required that take longer than the established time limit for replying.

We are also part of the arbitration system. You can see all the information here.

For online sign-ups, the European ODR platform is available
How to become an Iberdrola commercial partner
Do you want to join our Commercial Partner Channel?
Diversify your business
Supplement your income with compensation for each electricity or gas contract closed
Endorsed partner
Assignment of the right to use the brand on uniforms, cars, shops, offices, etc.
Current affairs, news and events in the sector, training courses, free sign-up for newsletters, etc.
IBERDROLA has set up ComunicA, a pioneering video-interpretation service to deal with the enquiries from users with hearing impairments and offer them personalised advice.
Accessible to persons with hearing impairments
SVisual telephony platform
Communication with video-interpreting or chat
Comunica is available Mondays to Fridays between 8:00 and 20:00, and on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays between 11:00 and 19:00.
In order to access our ComunicA service, you must accept the privacy policy and the conditions of use

Documents of interest

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