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Why is it right for me?

Because you will have repairs of your kitchen appliances and television covered with up to €300 to spend per year and household appliance.

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"*Price includes tax, available for power ratings below 15kW. Includes: indirect taxes: VAT (21%) for mainland Spain and Balearic Islands. Subject to IGIC (Canary Islands 7% VAT) and IPSI (Ceuta and Melilla 4% VAT).?

Any questions?

Here you will find some of the most frequent questions, with their answers, in case they can help you.

With the Electrical Appliance Protection 10 service, kitchen appliance and television faults will no longer be a problem. A qualified technician will visit your home to repair any electrical and/or electronic faults. We cover all repair costs (travel, labour and parts) up to €300 per electrical appliance and per year and without any limits on the work carried out.

If the appliance is not repairable for any justifiable reason, we will compensate you with up to €300 for each appliance, depending on its age.

Any residential customer with an energy contract (electricity and/or gas) with Iberdrola Customers.

You can sign up for the service by calling us on 900 110 011 or, if you prefer, by visiting your nearest service point.

You can also sign up for it on our website.

The one-year duration of the service is automatically renewed for consecutive one-year periods unless the client communicates otherwise by at least fifteen (15) days advance notice before the end of each period.

You can request the repair of the breakdown 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on our app, or if you prefer, by calling 900 22 45 22.
A technician will be at your home in less than 48 hours to carry out the repair. All repairs will have a minimum six-month warranty.

You can cancel at any time without any type of penalty.

Any more questions?

We will resolve them for you via any of our channels.