With the Household Protection Service, washer and refrigerator breakdowns will no longer be a problem, because at Iberdrola we will handle everything so you don't have to worry about anything.

What services do we offer you?

A comprehensive repair service for your washing machine and fridge to prevent unexpected expenses in case of breakdown at an exceptional price of €1.95 a month (excluding VAT)

Do you want peace of mind for your home?

You can sign up to the Electrical Emergencies service through any of these channels:

If you wish to notify us of an incident or make any kind of consultation in relation to the Electrical Appliance Protection service, you get access to the Technical Assistance line by dialling 900 22 45 22, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



For a small monthly fee, a qualified technician will visit your home to repair electrical and/or electronic faults in your washing machine and refrigerator (*). If you increase your coverage to Electrical Appliance Protection 10 you will be able to repair all your kitchen appliances and the television.

Peace of mind

Worrying about your kitchen appliances and television breaking down is a thing of the past. With the Electrical Appliance Protection or Electrical Appliance Protection 10, you’ll never need to search for a technical service ever again.