Pack Iberdrola

For those who like to relax and have everything covered.

Because with this service package your electrical installation, kitchen appliances and television will be covered. For just €7,95 a month (€10,80 a month including taxes)*.

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What does it include?

Pack Iberdrola

For €7,95 a month (€10,80 a month including taxes*) you get:

Smart Asistant

Your consumption broken down for you with custom savings notifications.

Electrical Emergencies

A visit in under 3 hours and up to €550 in urgent electrical breakdown repairs.

Household Appliance Protection 10

Up to €300 for repairs per kitchen appliance or TV.

Electrical Handyman

An annual visit from a technician with up to 3 hours labour to change electrical fittings, lights or domestic appliances, or to programme electronic devices.

Energy Survey

Free energy advice from a specialised technician who will help you to obtain the greatest energy savings and financial savings in your home.

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Any questions?

Here you will find some of the most frequent questions, with their answers, in case they can help you.

With the Iberdrolatu Pack, the electrical installation and kitchen and TV appliances will be covered in the event of an electrical and/or electronic breakdown. A qualified technician will come to your home to fix them. We cover all repair costs (travel, labour and parts) up to €550 for the electrical installation and ¤300 per appliance per year, with no limits on the number of interventions. If the appliance is not repairable for a justified reason, you will be compensated with up to €300 per appliance depending on the age of the appliance.

Breakdown of your bill's consumption listed by categories and appliances. Estimated electricity consumption broken down, with a high degree of accuracy, based on your home's real hourly electricity consumption measured with the smart meter and a mathematical algorithm. Detailed evolution of your consumption history in ¤ and kWh. Monthly report with summary of expenses and consumption on the APP and custom notifications.

It also includes an energy diagnosis every four years, in which a specialised technician will analyse the data and consumption habits of your home and thus identify all your savings opportunities.

In addition, with the Electrical DIY service you will have an annual intervention by a qualified technician, including travel costs and up to 3 hours of labour. With this service you can change any electrical device (sockets, switches...), lamps or wall lights, install electrical appliances or even configure technological equipment such as your new Smart TV or your children's console.

The categories your electricity consumption is broken down into have the following household appliances/devices included in them:

  • Always on: all the household devices and appliances in standby mode.
  • Kitchen: hob, fryer, kettle, microwave, grill, oven, toaster.
  • Air conditioning: air conditioner, fan.
  • Heating: central heating, combi boiler, electric boiler.
  • Entertainment: sound system, computer, console, TV decoder, telephone, TV, WiFi router.
  • Washing machine and dishwasher: washing machine, dishwasher and dryer.
  • Lighting: compact fluorescent lamp, discharge lamp, LEDs, fluorescent lights, bulb.
  • Other appliances/devices: alarm, charger, hair dryer, iron, smoke detector, vacuum cleaner.
  • Fridge/Freezer: fridge, freezer, wine cooler.
  • Heating: immersion heater, shower, hot water pump, hot water.

The electricity used by your household is broken down into different categories.

The Smart Assistant uses a mathematical algorithm that combines statistics, the user consumption curve and a housing profile entered by the customer to calculate all consumptions over the total.

Always-on consumption usually accounts for 20-25% of total household energy consumption. It includes all the devices and electrical appliances in standby mode.

See here for some tips on how to reduce this type of energy usage while lengthening the useful life of your appliances and devices:

  • Analyse the standby consumption of devices in the purchasing process. Manufacturers provide this information to the consumer, so we can include standby consumption in the decision on whether to but the device.
  • Use power strips with switches to turn off all the devices and charges at the same time.
  • Use timers to switch certain devices off at certain times when they will not be used, or to turn them on when you are coming home. By switching them off for part of the time, you will save electricity.
  • Use special power strips with a standby eliminator.

No, it is not necessary.

The data shown are those that have been validated by your Distribution company, so until we receive these data, we cannot process them. Normally this process takes 3 to 6 days, so we often do not have information for the days just prior to the current one.

Any residential customer. It is compulsory to have an electricity supply contract with Iberdrola Clientes.

You can sign up for the service by calling us on 900 22 45 22 or, if you prefer, by visiting your nearest service point.

You can also sign up for it from our APP or Web

TYou can request any of the services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 900 22 45 22 and you can also request the electrical appliance repair service via the app.

We will attend to urgent breakdowns of your electrical installation in less than 3 hours, repair of electrical appliances and DIY in less than 48 working hours and energy advice in 10 working days.

You can request any of the services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 900 22 45 22 and you can also request the electrical appliance repair service via the app.

You can cancel at any time without penalties.

In addition, as this is a Service Pack (Domestic Appliance Protection 10, Electrical Emergencies and Smart Assistant), the Customer may cancel one of the services that make up the Pack at any time, in which case only the selected service will remain in force.

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