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Save on your electricity bills by paying the same every month

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Always Stable Plan

We create a customised instalment based on your consumption habits, so you always know how much you are going to pay.

We customise your instalment: always know how much you will pay

Save all year round: even if the price of electricity varies, you don't have to worry about it.

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Because every day we work to show you that we are committed to you, your savings and the planet.

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The regulated cost associated with the subsidised rate funding mechanism will be added to the cost: Fixed cost per customer (marketing) of ¤0,038454614/day. These prices do not include the cost of the production cost adjustment mechanism (Royal Decree-Law 10/2022), payment to the System Operator and payment to the Market Operator. These regulated items will be reflected as additional billing items in the "Regulatory Charges" section:

  • "Adjustment mechanism System Operator RDL 10/2022" which results from distributing the cost of the adjustment mechanism in the settlements made by the System Operator. This will be calculated by multiplying the billed consumption by the hourly cost of the mechanism published daily by REE, according to REE's initial profile in force corresponding to the supply access tariff.
  • "Gas price cap RDL 10/2022" will be calculated by multiplying the billed consumption by the hourly cost of the mechanism published daily by OMIE, according to REE's initial profile in force corresponding to the supply access tariff.

These regulatory charges do not apply to the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

* The taxes applicable at all times and that will be broken down in the invoice will be: for electricity supply, the Electricity tax (5.113%or0.5% or the minimum amount of ¤0.5/MWh or ¤1/MWh or as applicable by law) and for gas supply, the hydrocarbon tax(¤0.00234/kWh or as applicable by law). In addition, VAT is applied in mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands (21% or 5% or as applicable by law), in the Canary Islands IGIC (0%, 3% or 7% as applicable by law) and in Ceuta and Melilla IPSI (1% or 4% as applicable by law ). Insurance includes taxes (IPS), the Insurance Compensation Consortium surcharge and brokerage fees, which are not subject to VAT.

*¤30 discount: If you are a new client at Iberdrola Clientes and you contract online a discount of ¤30 will be applied to your first invoice issued after 90 days behind the contracting.

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Any questions?

Here are the most frequently asked questions, in case they can help you.

Yes, to sign up for the Summer Plan, you must have a contract with Iberdrola at any other supply point and that main contract must not be with the Summer Plan or the Winter Plan.

Yes, we are committed to maintaining your fixed price for 5 years with no commitment to a lock-in period. We will only pass on the CPI and the regulated items will be updated, upwards or downwards, in the event of any changes. Furthermore, our Customised Plans are flexible and you can change to a new Plan whenever you want, except from a Summer Plan to a Winter Plan and vice versa.

Yes, electronic billing is included. It is fast, secure (with full legal validity), convenient, ecological and free of charge. This will make your operations easier and help reduce CO2 emissions.

Yes, you will need this type of meter for all Customised Plans except for the Stable Plan and the 3 Period Plan. This is because we need to remotely receive your hourly consumption in order to bill you more cheaply for the hours when you have a promotional price.

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