Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility Hogar:
Iberdrola's solution for your electric vehicle

Choose your charging point

We take charge of it all:
We'll send a technician for the installation
We offer a 2 years warranty

Save with the Electric Vehicle Plan

An electricity plan with 0 emissions of CO2
10 times cheaper than fuel
100 Km for 50 cents*

*0,03€/kWh from 01:00 to 07:00 signing up for the Electric Vehicle Plan. Estimated consumption of 0,16kWh/km.

Take control from your home

Control everything from you mobile with the
Smart Mobility Hogar App

Choose your charging point

Choose the device that better adapts to your needs


With LED indicator to easily check the charning state.

490€* + installation



Control your charge from your mobile. It lets you program at what time you want to charge.

595€* + installation



On top of controlling your charge from your mobile, it has a tactile screen that shows you all the charging details.

895€* + installation



It has it all: design, size, functionalities and connectivity. One of the best charging systems of the world with facial recognition and Sense technology.

995€* + installation

* Indirect taxes not included
Vehículo eléctrico

Electric Vehicle Plan


*An electricity plan with a tariff of 0,03€/kWh from 01:00 to 07:00 signing up for the Electric Vehicle Plan. Estimated consumption of 0,16 kWh/km.

Discover our Apps

App Smart Mobility Hogar

Smart Mobility Hogar App

Control your charges with this simple app. Program and track your charges, and always have access to your historical consumption.

Works for the Pulsar, Commander and Copper devices.

App Recarga Pública

Public Recharge App

Charge your car wherever you want. Find charging points, put money on your virtual wallet, make a reservation and star charging.

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A technician will go to your home to give you a personalized budget.


We take charge of all the paperwork.

Email us at and we will propose the best solution for you, complying alway with the technical and safety norm.