With Iberdrola Smart Lighting by Philips, you control the lighting in your home however you like, with the device you choose.

Dim or brighten the lights, set the timer to switch them on and off using the Iberdrola Customers app. 

You can also choose between Smart Basic Lighting, which includes two white bulbs and a Hub, or the Smart Colour Lighting option which comes with a Hub and three coloured bulbs.

What do we offer?

All the advantage of having Smart Lighting by Philips at an excellent price. These are the options:

Smart Colour Lighting: € 129.95 (including VAT)

Smart Basic Lighting: € 69.95 (including VAT)

Plus, we give you our full guarantee, simply for being an Iberdrola customer.

Enjoy the latest in technology and design, while saving on your bill


Control Manager

Control the lighting in your home wherever you are and it will look as though you’re home when you go away.


Dim or brighten the lights as you wish


Enjoy the latest in lighting and the most efficient technology.