I+Repair Aerothermy

The best solution if you are faced with a fault in your home:

  • Call us at any time and we will send a specialised technician to your home to solve your fault.

  • Enjoy up to €300/year for your home's aerothermal repairs and appliances.

  • For just €5.95/month (€7.20/month including taxes)*.



Full coverage

Labour, materials and call-out, all covered with the best technicians.


Without timetables

24-hour support

Because your breakdowns come first, call us at any time of the day, 7 days a week.



No surprises

Just worry about relaxing at home. Forget about lock-in periods, penalties and extra costs.

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Service Terms and Conditions

*Price with VAT (21%) for the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. For the Canary Islands, (7 %) IGIC (General Indirect Canary Island Tax) applies, and for Ceuta and Melilla, (4 %) IPSI (Tax on Production, Services and Imports) applies.

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With the I+Aerothermy Repair service, breakdowns of aerothermal equipment installed in private homes, the hydraulic/cooling circuit, drainage pipes, DHW tank and the electrical connection of the equipment will no longer be a problem. A qualified technician will visit your home to repair any electrical or electronic faults with your charge point. We cover all repair costs (travel, labour and parts) up to €300 per year and without any limits on the work carried out. If any of the devices that make up the Aerothermy are not repairable for any justified reason, we will compensate you with up to €300 depending on their age.

Any residential customer

You can sign up by calling us on 900 110 011 or, if you prefer, by visiting your nearest service point.

You can call for a repair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 900 22 45 22 or using our app.

You can cancel at any time without penalties.