Iberdrola Smart Solar Technical Support Service

At Iberdrola we have a photovoltaic installation technical support service for our Smart Solar customers. Do you want to know more about it?

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Solar panel technical support service: frequently asked questions

These types of installation offer good performance and last a long time. Breakdowns are rare, but what happens if they do occur?

It includes fault repair, monitoring of your installation and 24-hour support service.

What's more, with our technical support service you'll have them sorted out in no time at all.

Although photovoltaic installations do not usually cause problems, for your peace of mind, with the Smart Solar technical support service, if a problem occurs, we will solve it immediately. If it is a simple fault that does not need someone to come to your home, it will be resolved remotely. If we need to carry out any action, a qualified professional will visit your home and solve the fault.

You will be able to monitor the energy you produce, consume and export to the network in real time, wherever you are. You can control your savings through self-consumption and surpluses. In addition, you will have access to all your bills and many other functions through our app.

In the event of a fault in your installation, you have Iberdrola's 24-hour Call Centre Service and your installer's telephone number at your disposal. If the fault can be resolved remotely, we will do so as soon as possible; if not, we will arrange an appointment with you and your installer will check the installation to correct any problems.

If you would like to contact Iberdrola's 24-hour Call Centre Service, please call 900 22 45 22. This is a free help line to report incidents related to your Smart Solar installation.

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As you can see, with our technical support service you won't have to worry about anything. Sign up for Smart Solar and start saving by generating and consuming your own renewable energy.

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