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  • Miniatura del anverso de factura de electricidad
  • Miniatura del reverso de factura de electricidad

Anverso factura

Anverso de factura de electricidad Reverso de factura de electricidad
  • Top left corner: name of the Iberdrola Group Company that issues the bill.

    Top right corner: reference to the type of bill (electricity, gas, etc.).


    Billing period: start and end dates of the billing period.

    Bill number: bill identification code.

    Bill issue date: the moment when Iberdrola issues the bill.

    Charge date: the date when the charge corresponding to this bill will be processed at your bank. If you are subscribed to the Fixed Rate service, instead of the charge date the Fixed Rate charge date will be displayed.

    Bill with actual reading: information is provided in each bill as to the type of reading taken. In the example a real bill is given, though it could also be estimated.

    Contract holder: the name of the person who appears in the contract.

    NIF: tax ID number (in this case, a natural person).

    Supply contract reference: a code that identifies your contract. When you carry out any procedure, our customer service channels will request this code for identification purposes.

    Monthly payable Fixed Rate: the amount paid monthly if you are subscribed to the Fixed Rate service.

    Total billing amount: the total amount, which includes all the items listed on your bill. If you are subscribed to the Fixed Rate service, this data is provided for information purposes only.


    Issued by: Iberdrola Group company that issues the bill.

    Bar code: reference for automated document processing by Iberdrola.

    Name and address for correspondence and supply: mailing details for sending the bill. These may differ from the contract holder name and supply address, which is shown below this mailing address.

  • Here we provide you with a summary of the energy, subscribed services and corresponding VAT.

    You can check your “Consumption” in a graph shown on the right. It displays electricity consumption in kWh for the last 14 months. Thus, in addition to seeing how your consumption has developed, you will be able to compare your consumption over the most recent period against the same period the previous year. The highlighted horizontal line marks the average consumption for your contract. When consumption is estimated, the corresponding graphic bar will be displayed with stripes.

    We also provide you with data on your average daily consumption for the billing period and for the past 14 months (euros), along with your accumulated consumption for the past year (kWh).

  • We help you understand your bill: includes important information on your bill. For example, if your bill is Fixed Rate, we remind you that you have contracted the Fixed Rate service and what it entails. We will also use this section to notify you when relevant events affecting your bill occur, such as, for example, a change in energy prices or services.

    Quality seals:

    • AENOR: Iberdrola quality management system certification seal granted by AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification), a private, non-profit organisation. This certification shows that the Quality System adopted by Iberdrola complies with the requirements set out in UNE-EN ISO 9001 Standard.

    • CONSUMER ARBITRATION: IBERDROLA COMERCIALIZACIÓN DE ÚLTIMO RECURSO, S.A.U. and IBERDROLA CLIENTES, S.A.U. are members of the Consumer Arbitration System for conflict resolution. If you lodge a complaint and fail to receive a satisfactory response within 30 days, you can send it to the corresponding Arbitration Board for those cases where Iberdrola has submitted to such arbitration. More information in the Complaints section..

    • PEFC: certifies that the paper used for the bills comes from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.

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  • Miniatura del anverso de factura de electricidad
  • Miniatura del reverso de factura de electricidad

Reverso factura

Anverso de factura de electricidad Reverso de factura de electricidad
  • Meter number: code identifying your metering device or meter.

    Supply contract reference: a code that identifies your contract. When you carry out any procedure, our customer service channels will request this code for identification purposes.

    Distribution company: the name of your distributor. You should contact them in the case of faults or incidents related to the electricity grid.

    Access contract number: reference of the supply contract with the distribution company.

    Supply point identification (CUPS): identifies the supply point unto any distribution company or retailer.

    Method of payment: the payment method selected for paying your bills. In most cases, payments are made by direct debit. When payment is not by direct debit, there will be a bar code on the back of your bill and payment must be made at an approved bank by presenting the bill.

    Bank details, IBAN, BIC and mandate code: for paying by direct debit. The last digits of the IBAN code are hidden in order to ensure the confidentiality of your bank details.

    Contracted power: shown in kW.

    Grid access toll (ATR): toll corresponding to your supply point, for accessing the grid.

    Prices of the tolls: Official State Gazette (BOE) publication date of the applicable access tolls.

    Duration of the contract: date on which the contract ends and is renewed or terminated. Renewal occurs automatically.

    Tax address: the address registered with the Public Administration for tax-related purposes.


    Items related to energy supply:

    Power billed: fixed charge amount, which is calculated by multiplying the contracted power (kW) by the number of days in the billing period and by the kW price.

    Consumption billed: amount for the energy consumed during the billing period. It is calculated by multiplying the consumption in the period (kWh) by the price per kWh.

    Discounts: saving obtained, if discounts apply.

    Electricity tax: one of the so-called special taxes, such as those applied to alcohol, tobacco and hydrocarbons. It is calculated as established by Act 38/1992 on Special Taxes, multiplying what you pay for the consumption and the power billed by 5.1127%.


    Items related to non-energy-related services

    Metering equipment rental: this is calculated by multiplying the number of days in the billing period by the daily or monthly meter rental price, unless the meter is owned by the customer, in which case it is not subject to billing. This price is regulated by the government.

    Other services: such as the Electrical Emergencies Service, as well as discount, if applicable.


    Shows the total amount to be billed for energy, services and other items detailed in the preceding sections. VAT is added to this amount.

    • VAT: Value Added Tax. The applicable rate is applied to the sum of the aforementioned items. In the case of the Canaries, IGIC will be applied at the current rate and in the case of Ceuta and Melilla, IPSI at the current rate.

    • Total bill amount: the final payable bill amount.

    On occasions, more than one billing line for a given item may be displayed. This may be due to two reasons:

    • When a change in applicable prices occurs within a given billing period.

    • When different time-of-day periods are subscribed.

    List of your energy consumption: details of previous and current meter readings and their corresponding dates. Subtracting the previous reading from the current reading gives the consumption (kWh) of this billing period. This consumption is the same as that shown in the billing details, in consumption billed.

    There may be different types of readings:

    • The actual reading is the value read on the supply meter on the corresponding date by your distribution company.

    • The estimated reading reading is a value calculated by the distribution company, using the historical consumption as a basis and according to a formula regulated by the Ministry of Industry.

    You also have the option of reading your, meter yourself and providing the reading from your meter, either on the Customer Services Telephone Line 900 225 235 or at our Virtual Office for inclusion on your next bill.

  • Detailed information on the amount of your bill in euros intended for paying taxes and surcharges established by current legislation and the amount intended for the production and supply of electric power and for distribution grids.

    Destination of the money you pay on your bill

  • Information on the various channels for lodging a complaint.

  • Information on the various ways of contacting Iberdrola.