With Iberdrola Smart Lighting by Philips, you control the lighting in your home however you like, with the device you choose.

Dim or brighten the lights, set the timer to switch them on and off using the Iberdrola Customers app.

When you sign up for the contract you will also receive 3 bulbs with different colours and a Hub to interconnect your electronic devices.

What do we offer?

All the advantage of having Smart Lighting by Philips at an excellent price. These are the options:

Smart Colour Lighting: € 129.95 (including VAT)

Plus, we give you our full guarantee, simply for being an Iberdrola customer.

Enjoy the latest in technology and design, while saving on your bill

* Price including taxes. Includes Indirect tax: VAT (21%) for the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. For the Canary Islands, the IGIC (7%) applies and for Ceuta and Melilla, the IPSI (4%) applies.


Control Manager

Control the lighting in your home wherever you are and it will look as though you’re home when you go away.


Dim or brighten the lights as you wish


Enjoy the latest in lighting and the most efficient technology.

Frequent Questions

From the time I buy the product, how long does it take to receive it?

Depending on the destination, delivery times vary between four and eight business days.

What does the service cost?

Nothing, just the price of the product itself. All product services are free of charge.

Are there other kinds of light bulbs apart from those included in Smart Light Bulbs?

Yes, Philips Hue has several types of bulbs, with different bases (GU10 or E27), different finishes and formats (for example for ceiling or table mounting) and with more possibilities of control, even allowing you to choose any colour or warmer or colder lighting. You can see more information on the whole catalogue on the Philips Hue website (www.meethue.com).

Can I connect more bulbs to the bridge?

Yes, you can connect up to 50 bulbs to the same bridge.

And apart from light bulbs, can I connect other kinds of equipment?

The Philips Hue range includes wireless controls for on/off, selecting favourite scenes and motion sensors. They can all be connected to the bridge (up to 12 accessories), so that you can control all the equipment you have connected to your home's Philips Hue ecosystem.

With what home automation control systems is Philips Hue compatible?

You can control Philips Hue light bulbs with Apple HomeKit and the majority of home automation ecosystems. And in a few weeks' time you'll be able to do so with Iberdrola's Clientes app too.

What does it include?

The box includes the Hue White and Colour Starter Kit: 3 LED E27 9.5 W bulbs (16 million colours), 1 bridge (connects the customer's router to the light bulbs), 1 Ethernet cable.