Night Plan

Save during the night and up to mid-morning with our time-of-use tariff

Do you do the housework at unusual times of day? The Night Plan lets you consume electricity at night and up to mid-morning more economically.

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Choose the Night Plan Pack and receive a FREE Consumption Monitor

If you do not want to worry about any unforeseen eventuality in your electrical installation, you can contract the Night Plan Pack which includes Home Electrical Protection so that you are protected in the event of a breakdown.
In addition, when you sign up to the Night Plan Pack you get a FREE Consumption Monitor.

Night Plan


The Night Plan with savings for 14 hours


Home Electricity Protection Service


Free Consumption Monitor!

NIGHT PACK PLAN NIGHT PLAN + HOME ELECTRICAL PROTECTION + SMART CONSUMPTION MONITOR WITH FREE INSTALLATION. Smart Consumption Monitor promotion subject to a 24-month subscription to the Home Electrical Protection Service with installation of the Monitor upon its registration in. �7.20 per month including VAT

What benefits does
the Night Plan have for you?

14 hours of savings, at night and until mid-morning

In winter from 10 pm to 12 noon and in summer from 11 pm to 1 pm.

Flexibility with no minimum commitment

If the Night Plan does not fit your lifestyle, you can switch to another Plan at any time.

Electronic invoice

When you sign up for this plan you will automatically enjoy the advantages of an Electronic Invoice, and you will be able to consult your online invoice faster, free of charge.

100% green energy

Enjoy 100% renewable energy certified with Guarantees of Origin so that we can take care of the environment together.

Night Plan Prices

Power up to 10 kW

Power Term (No price increases throughout the year)*


€/kW año

ENERGY term (consumption)*

Discounted period

0,096863 €/kWh

Non-discounted period

0,188101 €/kWh

Power between 10 kW and 15 kW

Power Term (No price increases throughout the year)*


€/kW año

ENERGY term (consumption)*

Discounted period

0,130184 €/kWh

Non-discounted period

0,209268 €/kWh

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How do I know if the night plan fits my consumption habits?

The plan is applied seven days a week and is recommendable for customers who use over 30% of their electricity during off-peak hours. The higher this percentage is, the bigger the savings. The type of customers that can most benefit from this plan are people who work at home or work on a late shift, or arrive home late in the evening. It is also a perfect choice for people that use storage heaters.

Should I adapt my meter?

You don't need to make any changes to your installation as the new smart meter can monitor your consumption on an hourly basis and provides detailed information on your If you don't have a smart meter yet, your meter will be changed so that you can start enjoying the off-peak tariff.

How much will I save per year with the night rate?

On average, households save around ¤70 a year as they adapt to using those appliances that consume the most electricity during off-peak hours, thus benefiting from the night.

What if the night rate does not suit me?

If you don't manage to save on your electricity bills with the night plan, either because you change your daily routine, or because your consumption habits change, you can.

Does this plan not suit your needs?