With Iberdrola Smart Solar, you can discover whether solar power is an efficient alternative for your needs.

What do we offer you?

A comprehensive solar solution that lets you generate and use your own power, in which everything is designed for efficiency and convenience.

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Commitment to the environment

With Smart Solar, all the energy that you generate and consume is free from CO2 emissions, thus helping to improve our environment.


With Smart Solar, you can optimise your power consumption, improving your installation's energy rating.

Peace of mind

You need not worry about anything, because you will have a comprehensive solution with everything you need: preliminary study, maintenance, processing for possible subsidies and web-based services at your disposal for managing your installation anytime, anywhere.

Frequent questions

Can I have a self-consumption installation for the residents of my Co-Ownership Association?

Yes. The regulation allows several consumers to share energy produced by a renewable self-consumption installation.

Does the shared photovoltaic installation need to have its own meter?

Yes, to be able to distribute the energy produced by the shared installation among the associated consumers, we need to measure the energy produced. We also need to know how to share this energy among the consumers. This is why, when the installation is legalised, consumers must report their percentage shares, which will be used to apportion the energy produced. These percentage shares must add up to 100% to enable us to assign the energy produced. In order for the electricity retailer to be able to issue a bill, the distribution company (responsible for meter reading) will apportion the energy produced on an hourly basis among the associated customers according to their percentage shares. The hourly energy use to be billed to a consumer is the difference between the meter reading at that time less the corresponding part of the energy generated by the shared installation.

Can I opt for simplified offsetting of excess power if I participate in a shared self-consumption installation?

Yes. Shared installations are also candidates for simplified excess power offsetting, provided they are connected in interior networks. This excess will not go to your neighbour, and you will use your share of the energy produced even though you might not be at home when it is produced. The maximum amount offset will be the cost of energy billed monthly. You will still have to pay the power term every month, as well as the charges and tolls for the offset energy. Shared installations with anti-discharge systems can also opt for simplified offsetting.

Whose name appears on the shared self-consumption agreement?

The agreement is made with the Co-Ownership Association, whose tax code appears on the agreement. The Co-Ownership Association is responsible for managing participants' contributions and the installation maintenance costs.

Will the power produced by the shared self-consumption installation be used to meet the need for electricity for shared purposes only or can it be used in private homes?

It is up to the Co-Ownership Association to decide how the energy will be used for each CUPS, it can be for shared or private purposes.

How are the costs for installation and the energy generated shared?

The members of the Co-Ownership Association must come to an agreement regarding how they apportion the energy to cover shared requirements and/or private homes. Installation and maintenance costs are divided up according ownership percentages.

Are there any additional legal requirements?

An energy sharing agreement, signed by all participants, is required to legalise the installation.

Are there incentives for shared self-consumption?

Yes. These are available from a number of sources and they differ from municipality to municipality:

  • Municipal discounts on IBI and ICIO for self-consumption installations.
  • Tax deduction for investing in renewable energies.
  • Regional and state grants for using self-consumption photovoltaic technology.

Smart Solar Iberdrola will be delighted to provide information about all the possibilities where you live.

Can I finance the cost of my photovoltaic self-consumption facility?

To ease the initial outlay, Iberdrola has agreements with banks that will give you ten years to pay for your installation. That means you can pay for your installation while you save on your bills.