Smart Mobility

Un nuevo punto de suministro para la movilidad eléctrica

Cada vez más personas se interesan por la movilidad eléctrica, pero tienen sus dudas. Con Smart Mobility se acabaron las dudas. Te llevamos el punto de recarga a tu parking y te ofrecemos una solución llave en mano para que no te preocupes de nada.

What do we offer you?

If your community garage or residents' car park needs a new connection, we will manage it and carry out the electrical installation of the backbone network.
We will also take care of the installation and maintenance of each charge point, at no cost to the car park. Each user will have to pay Iberdrola directly for the cost of charging according to the tariff they choose.

You can benefit from...

  • We will install the Charge Points in the places requested by each user, connected to the trunk network, for the exclusive use of each user. Therefore, you will be able to lock and unlock your equipment with an RFID card.

  • We will install 7.4 kW single-phase electricity, guaranteeing each user a minimum 2.3 kW charging power.

You can choose between two rates:

8 Hour Fixed Plan
If you use the car a lot and you drive a many kilometres
(over 2,000 km per month), it's for you.
Charge point installation cost €990 (€1,197.90 including VAT*)
Monthly cost: €29/month (€35.05 incl. VAT*)
€0.00 kWh
for charging from 0:00 to 08:00
€0.30 kWh (€0.36 including VAT*)
for the remaining hours
Usage rate
A rate designed for those who use the car less.
Charge point installation cost €990 (€1,197.90 including VAT*)
Monthly cost: €15/month (€18,15 incl. VAT*)
€0.05 kWh (€0.06 including VAT*)
for charging from 0:00 to 08:00
€0.20 kWh (€0.24 including VAT*)
for the remaining hours

*VAT (21%) for the Spanish Mainland and the Balearic Islands. For the Canary Islands, IGIC (General Indirect Canary Island Tax) (7%) applies, and for Ceuta and Melilla, IPSI (Tax on Production, Services and Imports) (4%) applies.

You can benefit from...

No need to worry about anything because we will:

  • Organise the registration of a new, separate supply exclusively for vehicle charging.

  • Handle the installation of the charging points, maintain the equipment and repair faults. Free of charge for the car park owner.

  • We bill users directly for their use of the charging service.

Do you have any questions?

Here you will find some of the most frequent questions, with their answers.

The contract is made directly between Iberdrola and the user of the parking space. Iberdrola will charge for each of the terms agreed for their electric charging and you will not have to pay any other entity.

Non-payment by other users will not affect either the supply or the payments of the other users. The connectivity of the equipment allows Iberdrola to control and, in the worst case, stop supply on an individual basis.

Iberdrola requires a 5-year commitment for users to remain with Iberdrola in order to guarantee the recovery of the costs incurred in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of the equipment.

In the event of early termination, the user will be asked for the outstanding fees until the end of the long-term commitment (5 years).

No, the user will have to adapt to the specific conditions of the new garage (which may be the same or different).

Access to the charging point is gained individually using the RFID cards provided by Iberdrola to the customer. In addition, Iberdrola will provide users with information on their charging so they can identify if there has been any type of fraudulent use.

Iberdrola will carry out promotions and special offers to promote and encourage electric vehicles.

No, this will not be necessary. Iberdrola allows, by paying the minimum power, up to 7.4 kW of power depending on the simultaneity coefficient. The user will always be able to charge at 2.3 kW of power and, depending on how many vehicles are connected to the charging system at the same time, up to a maximum of 7.4 kW.

Yes, although there is a disincentive to charge outside night-time hours, as there is a lower tariff during these hours.

Requests for three-phase charging will be analysed individually to check their viability and will have additional costs, due to the modifications that would be necessary in the trunk network and to the fact that they would take up more power to the detriment of other users, limiting the total number of charge points to be installed.

Of course, Iberdrola has agents dedicated exclusively to charging solutions who will advise users either by telephone or email.