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Low-voltage electricity ratesHow are the rates broken down?

Low-voltage electricity supply metering equipment

  • Who pays for the meter testing cost?

    The customers and supplier companies are entitled to request at any time that the corresponding body test the installed metering and control equipment, irrespective of their ownership.

    Verification costs and any amount owed are determined by the competent body.

    If verification is requested by the customer and the metering and control equipment is found to operate properly, testing costs are borne by the customer. In all other cases they are borne by the company.

  • Is the Mains Isolator (MI) a metering or a protective device?

    The Mains Isolator is a metering and control device, not a protective device.

How are low-voltage electricity supplies billed?

  • If a meter reading could not be taken, can the reading be given to the electricity company?

    Yes, by giving the contract reference information and the meter reading. This self-reading can be submitted on our My Customer Area. If you have not registered yet, we invite you to find out about all the advantages.

  • What is a power charge?

    It is the fixed amount paid in each billing period (every two months or every month), depending on the contracted power, in exchange for being able to use this power whenever you want. For supplies with a demand meter, the power charge will depend on the contracted power and the maximum power demanded in the billing period (monthly) and recorded by the demand meter.

  • What is an energy charge?

    It is the amount paid depending on the energy usage. If there is no reading for the billing period, this amount will be billed as an "ESTIMATE", based on the usage records for the supply.

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