What is a smart meter?

A smart meter is a metering device that remotely records your real electricity consumption every hour.

What advantages do smart meters offer?

They make it easier to optimise the supply for each home depending on the particular consumption needs and habits.

They enable remote meter reading. There will no longer be any estimated readings. All readings are real and monthly.

Faster changes to contractual terms and conditions, which can be done remotely without a technician having to travel to the meter room (subscription, cancellation, modification or reconnection).

Faster changes to power capacity and rates, which can mean savings for the customer.

More efficient Grid management and, therefore, fewer incidents and shorter supply down times in the event of a breakdown.

How can I tell whether I have a remotely managed smart meter?

If you're an Iberdrola customer, you can check your bill. In the “Contract details” section you can see whether you have a remotely managed meter. You can also contact your current retailer for confirmation (if you're an Iberdrola customer, please call 900 600 240).

If I don't have a smart meter yet, what must I do to change it?

Distribution companies have until 31 December 2018 to replace ALL conventional meters. It is not necessary to do anything. When the meter is due to be changed according to the schedule drawn up by the distribution company in each area, a letter will be sent out or a notice will be posted at the entrance to the building or through the owners association, specifying the date when the meter is to be replaced.

Does the change of meter entail any cost?

Replacement of the equipment (as is the case with any change of equipment) requires electricity supply to be cut off for a few minutes. A few days earlier, through information signs in the building, we will inform the customers of the day and time when the work will be carried out.

Who is affected by the change of meter?

The change affects all electricity supply points with a contracted power up to 15 kW, which means virtually all homess.


Does the change of meter entail any cost?

No. Removal of the old meter and installation of the new one is free of charge.


What will the first bill I receive after the metering equipment change look like?

This bill will be divided into two blocks. The first block will include the electricity consumption from the previous reading to the reading shown by the meter at the time of its removal. The second block will show the electricity consumption from the date the new meter is installed to the date of the bill. The total amount will not change in any case.

The only change will be the rental amount for the new meter. As happens with the meter to be removed, rental of the new equipment is regulated as of 3 August 2013 and, in accordance with Order IET/1491/2013, dated 1 August, amounts to 0.81€/month in the case of single-phase supplies, and 1.36 €/month for three-phase supplies.