Boiler Room Makeover

Install the very latest domestic heating and hot water supply technology in your company: a high-efficiency aerothermal system.

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Boiler Room Makeover

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Full guarantee

We take care of any replacement parts and faults, so you don't have to meet the costs these generate.

24-hour support

Round-the-clock Technical Support. 365 days a year and guaranteed short waiting time.

Study and installation

We carry out a non-binding feasibility study and install the air-source heat pump that best suits your needs.

Permits and procedures

We take care of applying for the permits and processing the grid connection.

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Discover the help for Smart Solutions products.

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Discover the help for Smart Solutions products.

We help you with the formalities.

Discover the help for Smart Solutions products.

We help you with the formalities.

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, along with their answers.

Aerothermy is a renewable energy system based on a highly efficient air-to-water heat pump. It takes energy from the air to produce heat in winter and domestic hot water all year round.

Aerothermy uses energy stored in the form of heat in the air, which is a natural resource present all over the Earth and is therefore renewable energy. A total of 75% of the energy produced by aerothermy is obtained from the air and only 25% from electricity.

Air-to-water heat pumps are extremely efficient so that for every kWh of electricity consumed, they provide around 4 kWh of heat. This significantly reduces the amount of energy needed to achieve the same level of comfort.

No, aerothermy uses highly effective heat pumps to heat water for both central heating and domestic hot water. Air conditioning heat pumps are used to heat environmental air, which has less thermal inertia.

Aerothermy is capable of heating, cooling and producing domestic hot water, both for large consumers and for apartment buildings.

No. The aspects you will need to change depend on the characteristics of your existing system. For example, an oil-fired heating and domestic hot water system can be replaced directly by an aerothermal system with no need to change the distribution system to each consumer or homeowner.

All you need to run an aerothermal system is an electricity supply.