Boiler upgrading

Saving and safety from day one 
Iberdrola comprehensive energy service for Businesses and Self-employed Workers: Boiler upgrading

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Our service involves supplying heat for 10 years, including the replacement of the installations for centralised diesel-fired heating and/or hot water production with a new gas installation offering high energy efficiency and lower environmental impact, using natural gas as fuel.

In addition to the replacement of the conventional heat generating systems, we assess the feasibility of high-efficiency solutions, such as cogeneration, which generate heat and electricity on a combined basis and enable greater saving than conventional systems.

This service offers multiple advantages, such as:

  • Maximum energy saving: we take responsibility for achieving the highest level of energy efficiency in your installation so it consumes as little as possible.
    To do so, we use top-brand equipment that provides high performance, reliability and energy efficiency and a long service life, using high-efficiency solutions (cogeneration). And we round off the offer by optimising electricity consumption (customised supply offers, advice on rates, power optimisation, better reactive energy usage, efficient lighting audits, etc.)
  • Guaranteed equipment performance: you only pay for the amount of heat consumed, not for the fuel used. We take responsibility for any variations in the installation's performance.
  • Safety: enjoy peace of mind with a new high-safety installation (gas emission control, safety valves, alarm devices, etc.).
  • Sustainability: a new installation with the most efficient equipment, emitting less CO2 and with continuous supply, without the need for storage.
  • 24-hour Technical Support Service: installations controlled by remote management systems. Customer service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with guaranteed response times.
  • Full warranty: we take care of any replacement or breakdown in the new installation so you don't have to pay for labour, travel expenses or replaced materials in the event of a repair.
  • No need for investment: Iberdrola takes care of the investment needed for adapting the installation.
  • Subsidy processing: Iberdrola processes the subsidies available for the change made.
  • We are your single point of contact, we take care of the project's entire management from the start of installation work to the signing of the contract: engineering, installation, regulations, financing, gas supply, maintenance, etc.



We make a customised, free offer, without obligation.

The first step is a technical visit to the installation, where we collect all the information needed for a personal manager to make an offer and provide a feasibility study.

Once the offer has been approved, we refurbish the room. During this period, Iberdrola, as far as possible, continues to provide the basic heat services to the system.

For the duration of the contract, Iberdrola is your single point of contact: we take responsibility for executing the new installation and for its proper operation, we take care of managing all the aspects related to the project:

  • Project, room engineering
  • Licences and processing of connection to the gas grid
  • Adaptation of the installation to current regulations
  • Equipment installation
  • Equipment start-up
  • Financing for the equipment and systems to be installed
  • Natural gas supply during the term of the contract
  • Room maintenance
  • Checks and inspections
  • Fully warranted breakdown repair

Billing is very simple and only has two components:

    • Fixed charge: a fixed monthly amount that is updated annually according to the RPI.
    • Variable charge: based on heat consumption (heating and hot water) demanded by the customer. This price varies monthly according to the price of the Brent barrel ($/barrel) and the €/$ exchange rate.



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