We conduct annual inspections of transformer stations as a preventive step that helps us detect potential defects and replace fungible material. 

We also clean cabinets and busbars, take insulation measurements, verify that relays are working properly and review batteries and dischargers.

What do we offer?

All the benefits of having your electrical installation reviewed and protected at a truly exceptional price. 

We also give you our full guarantee, just for being our customer. 

We provide a secure and efficient high-voltage electrical maintenance service.

Do you want to benefit from this service?

Arrange it now using any of these options:


Specialised electricity companies

We carry out the entire inspection with the support of the best companies operating in the sector..

Prevention of serious on-site damage

We inspect the entire high-voltage installation to prevent problems from arising in the long term.

The experience and assurance of Iberdrola

We offer a wealth of experience as trusted leaders in the energy sector.