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Enjoy Iberdrola Green Recharge for your electric vehicle from €32/month with no subscription fee 
Iberdrola Green Mobility: we install and finance your Iberdrola Green Recharge Point

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We will advise you as to which charge point you need and take care of the electrical installation to your garage space.

At Iberdrola, we offer you everything you need to recharge your electric vehicle from €32/month with no subscription fee (excluding VAT).

The monthly fee includes:

  • Rental of a Charge Point that is suited to your needs and offers the best features.
  • Link to the Green Charge Application so that you can schedule your recharges, see the available charge points along your route, get information about your recharges, etc., wherever you may be via a PC or smartphone.
  • Technical Support Service for the charge point, available 24 hours a day and with personal assistance from an authorised installer when required, so you won't have to worry about a thing.

The monthly fee does not include the cost of installation to the charge point.

Plus, with Iberdrola Green Energy from 100% renewable sources, you can get around with zero emissions.

Go green!


  1. Fill in the form and we'll contact you, or call 900 22 45 22.
  2. Our specialist technicians will advise you as to which electrical installation and charge point you need.
  3. An authorised installer will come to your home to check your electrical installation and offer you a tailor-made proposal.
  4. Once the proposal is accepted, we'll take care of all the paperwork, carry out the electrical installation, connect up the charge point, and...


Welcome to Iberdrola Green Mobility!


  2. frequently asked questions: What is slow recharge? And quick recharge?

    The charge time for an electric vehicle depends on two factors: battery capacity and charge power. Although no rules or regulations exist that define the concepts of slow and fast charging, most technical literature agrees on the following charge types:

    • Slow or standard recharge’ is that which employs alternating current of up to 3.7 KW.
    • Semi-fast recharge’ is that which employs alternating current of between 7.2 KW (single-phase) and 22 kW (three-phase).
    • Quick recharge’ is that which employs AC at 44 KW (three-phase) or DC starting at 50 KW.

    Iberdrola will install the charge points for you that are best suited to your needs.

  3. frequently asked questions: Can I charge motorcycles and/or cars at a charge point?

    Yes, providing the charge point is compatible with the type of vehicle to be charged. Our charge points are valid for both cars and motorbikes. Bicycles do not require a specific installation as their batteries tend to be portable and can be charged via any traditional power point.

  4. frequently asked questions: Can I charge my vehicle at a traditional power point?

    Electric vehicles can require substantial power when charging, so it's crucial to be certain that the electrical installation meets all safety regulations and requirements. With the IBERDROLA Green Charge, we check your installation and ensure that the charging process is completely safe for you and your vehicle.

  5. frequently asked questions: Do I need any kind of accessory to charge my vehicle?

    No, just the charge cable that always comes with an electric vehicle and is used for connecting it up to the charge point. At Iberdrola we also offer charge points with an incorporated charge cable for easier connection.

  6. frequently asked questions: Apart from charging my vehicle, what other services do Iberdrola charge points offer me?

    Iberdrola charge points are equipped with an access control system that allow you to decide precisely who is able to charge his or her vehicle. In addition, they enable you to schedule charges to ensure that your vehicle will always be ready when you need it and to take advantage of the most economical electricity rates.

  7. frequently asked questions: Do I have to take out a new electricity supply contract for the charge point?

    If the charge point is installed in a family home, you don't need a new electricity supply contract. At Iberdrola we integrate your recharge infrastructure into your home's electrical installation.

    If the charge point is installed in a communal garage, it will depend on the conditions of the parking area. Our installers will study your particular case and advise you as to which solution best suits your needs.


  8. frequently asked questions: If I used my present electricity supply to charge my vehicle, would I need to change the contract?

    It depends on how much power you've subscribed to receive, the characteristics of the vehicle and when charging is carried out. At Iberdrola we recommend you charge your vehicle at night when the rates are most economical, but if you don't want to limit your charging to this timeframe and depending on the type of vehicle you have, you may need to request an increase in the power you receive. Whatever your situation may be, at Iberdrola we will offer you guidance as to the Iberdrola Green Charge and power supply best suited to your needs. Iberdrola charge point allow you to schedule charges at the times that best suit you, so you can optimise your charges from both an economic and an environmental point of view.

  9. frequently asked questions: If I live in a block of flats with a communal garage, how do I charge my vehicle?

    The Commonhold Property Act has been amended to facilitate the installation of charge points in communal garages, so it's no longer necessary to get authorisation from the Residents’ Association in order to carry out the electrical infrastructure via common spaces. Notification of the installation to be carried out will now suffice. If you are interested, Iberdrola can give you advice and manage both the installation and the required procedures with regards to the Residents' Association.

    Act 49/1960, of 21 July, on Commonhold Property:

    Art. 17 on Owners Association agreements (in accordance with Act 19/2009, of 23 November):

    3. In the case of installing an electric vehicle charge point in the communal parking area and which is intended for private use, as long as it is located in an individual parking space, the only requirement is to inform the association beforehand that the installation is to be carried out. The cost of such installation shall be borne in full by the interested parties.

  10. frequently asked questions: If I have no garage and I park on the street, or when I travel, where can I charge it?

    In 2010, the Ministry of Industry launched the Movele Plan, which has enabled the installation of a high number of charge points throughout Spain that is growing constantly. You can find the nearest charge point by visiting www.movele.esFootnote (*)




  11. frequently asked questions: Are there government grants for the recharge infrastructure?

    There are both state and local grants. On the website www.movele.esFootnote (*)  you can see the available grants.




  12. frequently asked questions: How do I achieve ‘well-to-wheel’ zero-emission mobility with my electric vehicle?

    The concept known as well-to-wheel not only refers to a vehicle's emissions during use (‘from the tank to the wheel’), it also takes into consideration the emissions associated with electricity generation processes (‘from the well to the tank’). At Iberdrola we believe that true sustainable mobility is achieved by simply associating your vehicle with renewable energies, so we recommend that you charge your vehicle with Iberdrola Green Energy, which only comes from certified 100% renewable sources. 

  13. frequently asked questions: What energy sources are included in Iberdrola Green Energy?

    Iberdrola Green Energy comes exclusively from 100% renewable sources, as established by European Directive 2001/77/EC, and which do not emit greenhouse gases. 100% renewable energy sources encompass wind, solar and water power.

  14. frequently asked questions: What assurance is there that Iberdrola Green Energy comes only from renewable sources?

    Iberdrola Green Energy is certified twice, attesting to its origin and approving the internal methodology employed for assigning energy to the paying customers, so that only energy from renewable sources and certified at source can be sold as Green energy.



Recharging infrastructure and electric vehicle

There are government grants are available for both the electrical installation of charge points and for the purchase of electric vehicles. On the website www.movele.es [PDF] Footnote

Furthermore, the Efficient Vehicle Incentive Scheme (PIVE-8 PLAN) introduced by Spain's Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda, offers €2,000 in grants for the purchase of a new car accompanied by the de-registration of a vehicle more than 10 years old for passenger cars (category M1) or more than 7 years old for commercial vehicles (category N1). These grants can be increased up to €3,000 if the passenger car has more than 5 seats and the applicant is a member of a large family. You can see the terms and conditions for the grants on the website of the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda Footnote (*)

Electric vehicles also benefit from reduced road and registration taxes and are exempt from paying regulated parking fees in certain cities.



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