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Fixed Rate


Sign up to Fixed Charge and plan ahead without any surprises 
Iberdrola Fixed Rate: pay the same amount each month on your electricity and gas bills

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Benefits, How to register ...


Fixed Rate is a method of payment that you can enjoy, free of charge, for whatever offer or rate you may have. Once activated, the energy prices you have subscribed to will remain unchanged.

Based on your past energy consumption, we recommend an amount to pay each month and continue sending you bills containing all information on your consumption and actual spending.

Sign up for the free Fixed Rate and enjoy all of its advantages:

  • We adapt the charges for your consumption so that they meet your needs.
  • At the end of the year, we add it all up, comparing your charges and your consumption for the past 12 months. In addition, if your rates have been higher than your actual usage, we'll deposit the difference directly in your account Footnote (1). On the other hand, if your rates have been lower than your consumption, we will spread the difference over 12 monthly payments so that you can pay more conveniently Footnote (2).
  • There will only be one monthly charge to be paid, as we don't add on additional charges.
  • The Fixed Rate adapts to you: at no cost, you can ask for your payment date to be changed, the amount to be changed or deactivate it whenever you like.
  • You'll continue to receive bills, as before, with information on your actual usage and cost.
  • You can sign up for free and it is also compatible with any other offer.


  • Note(1)

    A real meter reading must have been taken within two months prior to the adjustment. If not, the difference will be reimbursed in the next adjustment.

  • Note(2)

    Unless it does not exceed the monthly fixed rate by 150%, in which case one single charge is made for this amount.


Step 1. Registration in the Iberdrola On-line Customer Office

If you are already a user of the On-line Customer Office, access with your password to register for Fixed Rate as indicated in step 2.

If you are not yet a user, simply access the On-line Customer Office.

Fill in the registration form that appears and send the application.

Almost instantly, you will receive an e-mail with a link in order to obtain your username and password.

Step 2. Registration in Fixed Rate

Once you receive your username and password, you can view all your contracts and activate the fixed rate free of charge for the contracts you want, from the menu option: Apply for Fixed Rate.

Next, choose the day of the month for making the payment and the amount of the rate. As easy as that, and free of charge!

You can request further information through the following channels:

And now, with the new app for customers, you can access the Online Customer Office directly from your mobile phone and manage your Fixed Rate anywhere, anytime. Now available in the markets. Sign up for the most convenient way to manage your energy.


“With Iberdrola Fixed Rate, we still know our actual usage.”


“With Iberdrola's Fixed Rate, we always know how much and when we will pay.”

“Thanks to Fixed Rate, we have the peace of mind of paying the same amount every month.”



  • Note(*)

    Real examples from Iberdrola customers. Every Fixed Rate is personalised depending on the characteristics of each customer, which cannot be extended to other customers who are not in an identical situation.

Should you have any doubts, here are the responses to some questions that might arise:

  1. FAQs: What is Fixed Rate?

    Fixed Rate is a method of payment that you can enjoy, free of charge, for whatever offer or rate you may have. Once activated, the energy prices you have subscribed to will remain unchanged.

    Based on your past energy consumption, we recommend an amount to pay each month and continue sending you bills containing all information on your consumption and actual spending.

  2. FAQs: Is Fixed Rate a flat rate plan?

    No. It is a payment method that lets you pay the same amount every month while only paying for your usage. Fixed Rate has no usage limits, over-consumption charges, hidden fees or conditions. It is the perfect formula for total peace of mind, since you can plan without surprises.

  3. FAQs: Which rate is right for me?

    When you sign up, Iberdrola will provide you with a personalised recommendation for the monthly rate that best suits your usage. Moreover, we check your usage every 6 months to ensure that you continue with the most appropriate rate and then adjust the balance every 12 months.

  4. FAQs: What happens after 12 months if I have consumed less than what I paid?

    In this case, we will credit the difference to your account in the ensuing month.

  5. FAQs: And if I consumed more?

    In this case, we will include the difference in the twelfth payment. If the amount is significant, however, you can pay in fractions over 12 months.

  6. FAQs: Are there any additional charges?

    No, you only pay for what you consume, regardless of whether you use more or less.

  7. FAQs: Will I still be able to check my usage?

    Yes, we send you all your bills with a detailed itemisation of your actual usage so that can always keep on top of things. In any case, please bear in mind that we will continue studying your case and shall contact you if your usage differs significantly from the estimated usage and requires a change in Fixed Rate.

  8. FAQs: Is it free?

    Yes, there is no cost involved and you can cancel your registration at any time.

  9. FAQs: Can I sign up for both electricity and gas?

    Yes, Fixed Rate is available for all electricity and gas plans.

  10. FAQs: Can I sign my company up?

    Yes, Fixed Rate is available for all pricing programmes save High Voltage in electricity and High Pressure in gas.

  11. FAQs: How do I sign up?

    From our Iberdrola Custormers App, at our Customer OnLine Office, by phone at 900 11 00 11, or at any of our Customer service points.



The following conditions govern the agreement between the Client as holder of supply contract and IBERDROLA for payment of the amounts billed by virtue of the cited Contract through a monthly fixed rate.

1) Monthly payment: On a monthly basis, IBERDROLA will pass the charge of the valid monthly fixed rate amount to the bank account indicated by the Client in the Particular Conditions of the supply contract.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, IBERDROLA will issue the corresponding supply bill, which will include the price of the energy consumed and the services and other items/concepts applicable, with the regularity indicated in the Contract. The bill amount will merely serve for guidance purposes only and subsequently considered on adjustment of the payments against the total billed amount.

The application of the payment method by monthly fixed rate does not affect the contract type, applicable price or regularity of the meter readings, nor any other condition contemplated in the Contract.

2) Requirements: The following requirements must be maintained at all times for monthly fixed rate payment application:

  • The voucher payment must be directly debited to the bank account.
  • The supply contract holder must match the person bound to settle payment as holder of the corresponding direct debit bank account.
  • The Client must have no unpaid, overdue bills. On failure to settle a monthly fixed rate payment, this application will be cancelled with all the effects indicated in the corresponding section thereon.

3) Fixed rate amount: The initial fixed rate amount will be indicated in the supply contract and updated twice yearly. The amount shall be established using the Client's billing from the previous year as a reference. In the absence of reference billing, the amount shall be estimated in consideration of the subscribed tariff and power capacity.

4) Update: The fixed payment rate amount will be revised, i.e., increased, decreased or kept stable, every SIX (6) MONTHS, considering the possible variation in the pattern of usage that had been adopted to calculate the initial amount or successive updates. The Client will be notified of the fixed payment rate amount resulting from the update and may subsequently cancel the service on disagreement.

5) Adjustment: The payments made will be adjusted against the issued billing amount on an annual basis. To do so, IBERDROLA will indicate the resulting balance on the rate corresponding to the 12th month, from its effective date or from the previous adjustment.

If the paid amount exceed the billed amount, IBERDROLA will not charge the fixed rate for the 12th month and refund the difference to the Client, unless the meter has not been read in over 80 days, in which case this refund will be made on the ensuing adjustment.

If the billed amount exceeds the paid amount and the difference exceeds the monthly fixed rate by 150%, the difference less the fixed rate of the 12th month will be charged to the monthly fixed rate against the Client's bank account on a fractioned basis of TWELVE (12) monthly instalments from the 12th month, unless a single payment is indicated. If the difference does not exceed the monthly fixed rate by 150%, it will be charged directly as the fixed rate for the 12th month.

6) Duration and Cancellation: The fixed payment rate will apply during the validity of the supply contract, unless the Client requests cancellation thereof at any moment, in which case it shall be adjusted in the manner established herein, and the Client undertakes to settle payment of the amount of the ensuing supply bills in the manner stipulated in the corresponding Contract.

Causes of fixed payment rate cancellation will likewise include: 

  • Failure to pay a monthly fixed rate.
  • Change of contract holder.
  • Change in supply contract conditions: variation in the subscribed power capacity or tariff.
  • Cancellation of the direct debit order for payments.
  • Contract termination.


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