What is vishing and how does it work?

Vishing is a telephone fraud in which criminals impersonate Iberdrola and use social engineering and voice to trick people and obtain confidential information. To protect yourself from vishing, it is important not to provide personal information unless you are sure the call is legitimate.

Is this type of fraud common?

Vishing has become more common with the ease and low cost of telephone devices and internet communication. In addition, fraudsters can be located anywhere in the world, making them difficult to catch and prosecute.

How can I identify a type of vishing?

To identify vishing, you should be on the lookout for any suspicious calls in which the caller requests personal information, remote access to your device, or promises a prize in exchange for payments. You should verify the identity of the caller and the organisation they represent before providing any information.

Tips to protect yourself


Iberdrola protects you

Our security measures ensure that all your transactions, contracts and payments are always well protected.

Access passwords

Secure password access to My Customer Area and Customer App

Secure payments

Pay your bills securely with PSD2 protocol

Reliable communications

We will never ask you for private data in an email or SMS

Dual verification

In key processes, identity verification is carried out twice

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Ayúdanos a protegerte a ti y a otros clientes

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