What is phishing and how does it work?


Phishing is a type of computer fraud in which criminals contact users by posing as Iberdrola via e-mail. These messages redirect the recipient of the email to fake websites for the purpose of obtaining confidential information or making fraudulent payments.

Is this type of fraud common?


Phishing attacks are becoming increasingly common and sophisticated, and most of the time they succeed in deceiving people, who feel that their own security has been compromised.

How can I identify a type of phishing?


There are many excuses that are used as a threat to redirect you to fake websites that pretend to be legitimate. Be wary if these messages ask you to change your bank details, ask for urgent updates, to pick up packages you have not requested, last payment notifications, offers or prizes that are very beneficial...

Tips to protect yourself


Iberdrola protects you

Our security measures ensure that all your transactions, contracts and payments are always well protected.

Access passwords

Secure password access to My Customer Area and Customer App

Secure payments

Pay your bills securely with PSD2 protocol

Reliable communications

We will never ask you for private data in an email or SMS

Dual verification

In key processes, identity verification is carried out twice

Ayúdanos a protegerte a ti y a otros clientes

Rellena este formulario para reportar alguna actividad sospechosa de fraude. Te garantizamos el completo anonimato en tu denuncia.

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