Problems with configuration


If a public Wi-Fi is not properly configured, anyone with a certain amount of knowledge can intercept all the traffic flowing through that network and redirect it as they wish. You may think you are accessing a specific, legitimate page but in reality it is one that has been modified by a cybercriminal.

What is the danger?


Cybercriminals gain access to sensitive data, such as passwords or bank details, and can even infect devices that have connected to that Wi-Fi.

How can I browse safely?


When browsing such networks, avoid logging in with your personal data or downloading and updating software.

Tips to improve your cybersecurity

Access secure networks when browsing the Internet

Iberdrola protects you

Our security measures ensure that all your transactions, contracts and payments are always well protected.

Access passwords

Secure password access to My Customer Area and Customer App

Secure payments

Pay your bills securely with PSD2 protocol

Reliable communications

We will never ask you for private data in an email or SMS

Dual verification

In key processes, identity verification is carried out twice

Help us to protect you and other customers

Fill in this form to report suspicious fraudulent activity. We guarantee you complete anonymity in your complaint.

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