The mobile, that device that goes with us wherever we go and that has become a necessary element for our day to day. Not only can we call, ""whatsappear"" or surf the Internet with it, but we also have all our contacts, photos, personal mail, the bank app, the Iberdrola app... saved in it. Practically, everything we can need in our day to day is concentrated in this small device.

But have you ever wondered what would happen if, suddenly, it were affected by a virus and stopped working? What if you lost it or it were you stolen? What would happen is that not only would you physically lose your device, but you would not have access to all the information contained therein either... With all the headaches this entails!

Of course, we cannot prevent, at any given time, situations such as those mentioned above from happening, but what we can do is take a series of precautions so that, in case this happens, our information will not be affected at any time.

If you want to know how to act, follow our advice and protect your mobile.