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Turn your roof into an Iberdrola Solar Community and start self-consuming renewable energy!
Iberdrola takes care of the installation of the panels at no cost to you. Receive a recurring income for the space, reduce your electricity costs and reinforce your brand image by sharing the rest of the energy generated with your neighbours.

Turn your roof into an Iberdrola Solar Smart Community!

Activate your Solar Community quickly and easily.

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Surface area 200 m2

Save up to 30% on your electricity bill and get paid for renting out your roof

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An Iberdrola Solar Smart community is a shared self-consumption installation in which customers with homes within 2km of the installation can participate. Iberdrola hires the roof of a building with the appropriate characteristics to run, operate and maintain a photovoltaic installation whose energy will be self-consumed by the owner of the roof and customers within 2km.
In return, the roof owner receives a fee as rent, preferential access to a share of the facility's power and benefits from the impact on its brand image.

Iberdrola will make the investment for the installation and will also be responsible for its operation and maintenance. The owner of the roof will not have to worry about anything.

Roof owners will have preferential access to a percentage of the power of the photovoltaic installation. This percentage will be calculated according to their energy needs.

All participants in the Solar Community, including the roof owner, must be under the same self-consumption modality: self-consumption with simplified surplus offsetting.