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Through this assistant we will be able to offer you a breakdown on your consumption and personalised notifications on savings for only €2.95/month* without any additional installation.

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Smart Assistant for Companies Specific Conditions

Description: The Smart Assistant for Companies provides customers with tailored information and notifications focused on saving and optimising consumption. The following functionalities are included in the Companies Assistant:

  • Monthly reports detailing consumption in € and kWh, as well as consumption history.
  • Periodic notifications including tailored recommendations for potential energy bill savings and smart solutions that best suit your business.

Price: 2,95 €/month (excluding VAT).
*This price will be updated on 1 January each year the contract is in force in line with the CPI, which is considered to be the real accumulated value of the Consumer Price Index published by the National Statistics Institute for the period running from November to November in the year prior to the application of the change.

Service Duration: The Smart Assistant for Companies service will have the same duration as the associated Electricity Supply Contract with IBERDROLA, therefore, the validity of the Smart Assistant for Companies will be conditional on the validity of the Electricity Supply Contract with IBERDROLA. Consequently, if the Customer terminates the electricity supply, the service will be automatically withdrawn.
The Customer may terminate the service at any time.

* Price excluding taxes. It includes: indirect taxes: VAT (21%) for mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands. For the Canary Islands, (7%) IGIC (General Indirect Canary Island Tax) applies, and for Ceuta and Melilla, (4%) IPSI (Tax on Production, Services and Imports) applies. *First 2 months free.

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Any questions?

Here you will find some of the most frequent questions, with their answers, in case they can help you.

Breakdown of your main consumption: Estimated electricity consumption breakdown, with a high average degree of accuracy, based on the actual hourly electricity consumption by your company or business measured with a smart meter and a mathematical algorithm.

Consumption history: detailed history of consumption in kWh.

Comparison with 100 buildings most similar to your installation based on consumption pattern, activities, size and weather conditions.

Personalised savings recommendations.

The categories into which your electricity consumption is broken down include:
  • Climate control: Both heating and air-conditioning (when it is not possible to split them).
  • Heating: electric heating.
  • Refrigeration: fridges.
  • Air conditioning: air conditioning unit, ventilation.
  • Lighting: compact fluorescent lamp, discharge lamp, LEDs, fluorescent lights, bulb.
  • Other: Other estimated consumption not included in the other categories.

Consumption unbundling is the process of breaking down the energy consumption of your business or companies into different categories.
The Smart Assistant for Companies is based on a machine learning model that compares the load curve information for your installation with a database of more than 80,000 similar locations, monitored in real time to estimate your energy consumption profile. This allows it to unbundle your consumption (climate control, lighting, cooling, etc.) without the need to include a device and with high reliability.

The extensive database with monitored buildings allows training and testing of the unbundling algorithm with an average precision of around 90 %.

This is not required. Iberdrola Clientes uses consumption data from smart meters already installed by the distributor.

Currently, the Smart Assistant for Companies algorithm has been trained to work best for our main SME client profiles: (retail shops, restaurants, offices, etc.).
When the service is activated, a check is carried out on the data quality, history and usage patterns which helps us to confirm whether the customer meets the necessary conditions for the provision of this service as indicated in the conditions of the Smart Assistant for Companies service, which can be consulted through the sales channels or by calling 900 225 235.

It follows a three-step process: it compiles your energy bill data, through the database we can perform a comparative analysis on your buildings and identify the most similar buildings based on a number of factors, such as consumption patterns, usage and condition of the buildings to provide personalised recommendations.

The Iberdrola Smart Assistant provides customers with personalised information and notifications to help them save money and use less electricity.
  • Contractual improvements: Optimum Tariff, Optimum Power Rating, Reactive Energy Optimisation.
  • Consumption information: consumption trends and unbundling.
  • Customised recommendations to maximise energy savings: Change to LED lighting, On/off control of air conditioning, photovoltaic installation for self-consumption etc
  • Recommendations regarding Iberdrola Smart solutions that best suit your habits.

This report is for internal use by the customer. It contains estimated values for energy consumption, costs and savings, thanks to data analytics that can vary depending on parameters that depend solely on the customer.

Contracting the Smart Assistant for Companies service will be conditional on having an associated electricity contract with Iberdrola with at least twelve months of historical billing. It is also focused on certain types of customers depending on their activity.

The Smart Assistant for Companies service will be automatically renewed on an annual basis unless either party gives notice to the contrary at least fifteen days prior to the termination of the contract.

The service provides a monthly report via email with a summary of all available features. You can also consult all your previous reports in your Customer Area.

The price of the Smart Assistant during the first two months of the contract is 0.00 EUR/month. After the end of this first period, the cost of the service is 2.95 EUR/month (VAT not included). There is no lock-in clause.

Because the average direct savings you can make by following the personalised notifications you will receive is substantially higher than the cost of the service.
You can also try it for free for 2 months and if you are not satisfied with the service, you can cancel without any obligation.

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