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As we know you've
got lot of questions…

As we know you've got lot of questions…

What kind of recharging point am I interested in?

We have four types of recharge points to meet the needs of all customers: from the most basic recharge point version (eHome) aimed at finding the most af ordable soluiont more complete and sophisicated recharge points with gmart features controlled from your mobile For the recharge points Pulsar, Commander and Copper, using the gmart Mobility Home App, you will be able to block the recharge point to avoid third party access, you will be able to control the recharge speed, program recharge schedules, consult recharge histories, etc In addiion, the Copper recharging point has facial recogniion and moion sense.
In the case of companies, Iberdrola offers all types of possibiliies: interior, exterior, wall anchorage, foor anchorage, integrated or not, single-phase or three-phase hose a whole range of possibiliies depending on the customer's needs and installaions.

How is the installaton and what to take into account?

In funcion of the disposiion housing - garage, the type of installaion, cost and ime will vary Although in most cases where the communal dwelling with garage is in the same building, the recharging point can be hung from the supply point of the dwelling, and the consumpion generated by your electric vehicle will be included in the bill of the dwelling. The installaion is not included in the PVP of the Recharge Point but this budget will vary depending on the characterisics of your home and you can calculate an esimate here.

For the realizaion of the infrastructure in common spaces, it is not necessary the authorizaion of your community, only with informing of the installaion that is going to be realized is sufficient.

Where can I recharge my car and which is the most convenient economy rate for me?

The vehicle demands significant power in the recharging process, so it is advisable to recharge using a recharging point and not a convenional socket for safety reasons. If you want to use a convenional plug, you must remember that the charging time will be increased, which could lead to overheaing and burning the cable with which the vehicle is recharged.

Which fare is right for you will depend on the hours you choose to charge your electric vehicle. In Iberdrola we have launched a Custom Electric Vehicle Plan, specific for owners of electric vehicles who want to charge their vehicle at the best price. With this plan you can travel 100km with your car for only 50 cents.

Are you going to put a recharging point in my city, on the highways?

Iberdrola, as part of its commitment to sustainable mobility will be announcing in the coming months the entry into operaion of different types of charging points: semi-rapid or opportunity (between 7.4 kW and 22 kW) and fast (between 43 kW and 50 kW) in ciies and highways.

If you are very insistent, please send an email to