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Main projects stages


Identification of areas for improvement

How is it carried out?

With an initial contact and collection of data and power supply operation logs.

Through a technical visit to learn about the equipment and processes at the facilities, studying existing problems and impacts on processes, equipment assembly, data collection, taking measurements and logs.

Creating a record and measuring voltage wave quality parameters at the facilities.

Analysing the gathered documentation, data, measurements and logs.

Drawing up a Results Report, which will include the Solutions Proposal and Recommendations to protect equipment, processes and/or installations.

Assessing the profitability of the proposed measures, considering the necessary investment in relation to the costs of repairing faulty equipment/components, process downtime, unused materials, loss of production, unused labour, loss of profits, etc.


Offers for purchasing and installation

We present and assess offers to buy and install the proposed protection equipment and the adaptation of facilities.


We draw up a planning that considers the equipment delivery period and the work required to implement the approved measures.


Contract for execution

A contract is made for executing necessary measures using own resources or approved third parties.



We track the progress of the adopted measures.