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More than 17,000 people dye Madrid green during the 10th Madrid Race Against Cancer

Iberdrola has joined the 10th Madrid Race against Cancer for the eighth consecutive year. The race, organised together with the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), was attended by more than 17,000 people who dyed the streets of Madrid green with the colour of their T-shirts. This is a popular charitable event that offers the opportunity to participate by running or walking 4km or 10km routes, and which aims to raise awareness of this disease and raise funds for research in the fight against cancer.

The Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, was in charge of cutting the ribbon for the 10k race, accompanied by Laura Ruiz de Galarreta, President of the Spanish Association Against Cancer in Madrid, Elisa Yarte, Head of Brand, Media, Advertising and Sponsorship at Iberdrola Spain, Martín Fiz, European and World Marathon Champion, and Olympic weightlifting medallist and Iberdrola Ambassador, Lydia Valentín. Iberdrola is the main private financial supporter of the AECC and has been sponsoring this famous race for 8 years. It has also been running the Together against cancer initiative since 2015, which allows the company's customers to collaborate with the AECC through their electricity or gas bill. Iberdrola contributes the same amount as the customer donates, an initiative to which almost 60,000 people have adhered. In this regard, the funds that the Association will receive in 2023 from Iberdrola will be allocated to a research project led by Dr. Ángel R. Nebreda, head of the Signalling and Cell Cycle Laboratory at IRB Barcelona, with the aim of improving chemotherapy treatment for triple-negative breast tumours.

Valladolid joins forces against cancer

Iberdrola and the pish Cancer Association Against Cancer (AECC) have joined forces once again this year in the walk with the greatest number of participants in Spain.

The 11th Valladolid Walk Against Cancer, which has had Iberdrola's special support as its main partner for the seventh consecutive year, has coloured the city's most central streets green, exceeding last year's figure by more than 47,500 participants. The proceeds from this collaboration will be used to continue funding research into the disease.

Murcia on the move against cancer

This initiative, organised by the pish Cancer Association in the Region of Murcia, has had the collaboration of Iberdrola for the sixth consecutive year and is part of the agreement between the two entities to work for scientific research and raise social awareness of the disease.

The amount raised will go to finance the 'Light, time and cancer: A misaligned Tic-Tac?' research by Claudia García Cobarro, a researcher who works at the Institute of Biosanitary Research (IMIB-Arrixaca).

The Fifth March against Cancer in Valladolid has been growing at great strides

On October 23, 2016, we broke the standing participation record with the Fifth March against Cancer in Valladolid with 35,000 runners.

Amongst the participants were 50 of our employees with their families while 10 Iberdrola volunteers collaborated at the "Iberdrola Space". We are still growing in numbers in our march against cancer.

Zamora is coloured green for the 14th "Mucho X Vivir" (Much to Live For) Race

Iberdrola and the pish Cancer Association (AECC) have joined forces this Sunday in the 14th "MUCHO X VIVIR" RACE. Zamora has coloured its most central streets green, surpassing all expectations by attracting some 9,000 participants.

The proceeds from this collaboration will be used to work on research to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, as well as to raise social awareness in the fight against the disease. As part of this agreement, Iberdrola is developing the Together Against Cancer campaign, through which the company offers its customers the possibility of collaborating with the association, pledging to double the amount customers donate each month through their electricity or gas bill.

The capital city hosts the Madrid Race and Walk against Cancer once more

On March 26, 2017, we were again the main sponsor for the 4th Madrid Race and Walk against Cancer for raising funds and increasing aid for the AECC to continue with research against cancer. 15,000 people took part this year over three urban circuits measuring 2, 4 and 10 km.

On the 4 km race, we were accompanied by the international triathletes Miriam Casillas and Inés Santiago, both members of the Universo Mujer programme. This is a project on which we collaborate with the National Sports Council to promote the participation of women in sport. Thanks to all of this year's runners. We have brought solidarity to the streets of Madrid one more time.

Always looking ahead

On April 17th, 2016, we sponsored the III Race Against Cancer that the AECC organized in Madrid to collect funds. We painted the Paseo de la Castellana green with 10.000 runners. In June we repeated the race in Zaragoza and Teruel.