Frequently Asked Questions

It is a financial product for separately managing each of the risks that the investor is exposed to, in this case the selling price for the produced energy that can be obtained on the market.

It insures the selling price for the energy generated on the market for one year. If the agreed price is ¤50, the following situations may arise:

  • If the market price is ¤40, the fixed price payer (Iberdrola Clientes) undertakes to pay the remaining ¤10 up to the agreed price.
  • If the market price reaches ¤55, the variable price payer (client) must pay the extra ¤5 paid on the market.
  • If the market price is ¤50, no payments are made.

Monthly or bimonthly (depending on the invoices of your representatives). If will be a credit or a debit based on the energy price obtained by the PV representatives on the market.

Installations are divided according to the installed power, technology, year of installation, climate zone and RD they come from. This product is especially designed for small producers. The installed power will be <100kW.

  • Solar panels: checking of anchors and mechanical fasteners of the modules, visual inspection to detect possible damage, checking of earth connections. Visual inspection of the condition of the fastening structure, checking for the absence of signs of deterioration, cracks or loose material, absence of deformation, absence of rusting, incipient rusting or lack of galvanising, condition of the nuts and bolts.
  • Switchboards, grouping boxes and electrical cabinets: Visual inspection of the condition and degree of fastening of the enclosure and the associated elements. Retightening all the electrical connections that require so. Checking of heating, watertightness, humidity, condensation, dirt and state of conservation, retightening and cleaning as needed. Measuring of current and voltage, both input and output, in the DC panels. Visual inspection of the condition of the electrical conduits and sealing, where applicable. Inspection of protections and switching elements. Checking of earth connection.
  • Inverters: checking for: absence of alarms on the control screen and suitability of the values displayed on the screen, absence of abnormal noise and existence of excessive heating in the inverter, voltages and currents (DC and AC), effective operation of the protections and fans, cleaning of grilles, ventilation channels and shed (if any), replacing the filters if neede.
  • Miscellaneous: measuring the earth connection, visual inspection of the condition of the collection boxes, sealing any elements that require so, visual inspection of the metering equipment, visual inspection and cleaning of the sensors of the weather station (if any), visual inspection of the road surface and fencing (in above-ground installations).

In addition to the obvious benefits of a maintenance contract, it is even more advantageous for this type of facilities, because it enables improved operation of the facilities and an appropriate energy production level that is consistent over time. These facilities withstand weather changes, hence maintenance is advisable at least once yearly to ensure its serviceable life.

Moreover, this is even more advantageous for the facilities contemplated in RD 413/2014 (RO and Rinv), since it is a way of ensuring income from returns on operation and investment. This decree states that each facility has two values assigned to it:

  • Minimum number of hours
  • Number of threshold hours (less than the minimum number of hours)

If the installation does not reach the number of threshold hours, it does not receive any of the two remunerations (remuneration for operation or remuneration for investment), and if the number of hours is between the threshold and the minimum, the remuneration is reduced in proportion to the number of hours reported.

The prices:

  • For installations up to 5 kW: ¤177.60/year. ¤14.80/month
  • For installations from 5 kW to 20 kW: ¤226.20/year. ¤18.85/month
  • For installations from 20 kW to 40 kW: ¤297.00/year. ¤24.75/month
  • For installations from 40 kW to 60 kW: ¤382.20/year. ¤31.85/month
  • For installations from 60 kW to 80 kW: ¤466.80/year. ¤38.90/month
  • For installations from 80 kW to 100 kW: ¤550.20/year. ¤45.85/month