With the Solar Coverage service, the best conditions and full coverage in the event of faults are guaranteed for all photovoltaic producers.

What services do we offer you?

If you are a photovoltaic producer, Iberdrola offers a comprehensive solution so you can make the most of the energy from the sun without having to worry.

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Financial solar coverage

Enjoy a fixed price for the energy produced by your solar installation, thus minimising today's market risks and avoiding price fluctuations (1)

Maintenance services

We offer you a full annual inspection to guarantee the optimum operation of your installation and that all faults will be covered, including labour and travel expenses, and up to €50 in materials (2)

(1) Product designed for installations <100kW under RD 413/2014 selling their energy on the wholesale market.

(2) 2 repairs a year with 6-month warranty. 3 hours labour and no travel expenses.