Any business, company or institution needs to keep an accurate and precise track of their energy expenditure with a centralized information system, regardless of the number or the location of its supply points, and at any given time, without having to wait to receive the bills.

Iberdrola provides the Billing Management Service, so that you can manage all of the electricity bills included under the same tax ID number, bank account or business group together, with the following advantages:

  • Access to detailed or grouped information on all the electricity bills as soon as they are created, without having to wait to receive them.
  • Tracking and optimization of electricity usage, both overall and individually by supply point.
  • Improved management, with the resulting saving in terms of money and time.
  • Contribution to preserving the environment.

This service is based on a computer program that processes information on electricity usage and includes the following functions:

  • Access to detailed information by supply point or all grouped together about all of the bills for the company, institution or business group included under the same tax ID or bank account.
  • Immediate access to information on Iberdrola's customer website as often as necessary, without needing to wait to receive the physical bills.
  • Local analysis and study of electricity usage through dumping and downloading of the data, which can be grouped according to different criteria.

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