Electric boilers and heaters

If you want to be prepared for winter, choose an electric boiler or heater. Because there's nothing like a warm home.

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Why is it right for me?

Because whether you want heating or if you just want hot water, an electric boiler or electric water heater is your best option.


Peace of mind

Every aspect of the installation is taken care of.


No contract required

You can sign up without having any other service or supply with us.


Electronic billing

Convenient, secure, instant and above all environmentally friendly. The planet will thank us.

What does it include?

With the electric boiler or water heater service, you'll enjoy:

Quality equipment

The most efficient device, with the latest technological advances.

Technical support

So all you need to worry about is enjoying your home.

Installation service

Personalised advice followed by quick installation.

Any more questions?

We'll resolve them for you via any channel.

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