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  • The Company operates 92 plants in Spain with a combined capacity of 306 megawatts
  • Over the past three years, the company has invested some €10 million on renovating its oldest small hydro power plants, equipping them with the most efficient and advanced technology to improve output and extend their lifespan
Minihydraulic station of IBERDROLA in Castilla y León.

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Minihydraulic station of IBERDROLA in La Rioja.

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IBERDROLA has implemented a plan to modernise and upgrade 45  of its 92 small hydro power plants in Spain, in which some €10 million was invested over the past three years.

Through this initiative the company has equipped its oldest plants with the most efficient and advanced technology to improve output and extend their lifespan.

The project included the electromechanical reengineering of turbines and alternators, a key element of hydro power plants, as well as civil works to upgrade canals and weirs and the replacement of control systems.

Also, important environmental and safety measures were carried out, such as raising fish ladders at weirs and fences along canals.

Some 60 IBERDROLA employees were assigned to the project and numerous local suppliers and contractors benefited from the construction works.

IBERDROLA, which at the end of the first half of 2014 operated small hydro power plants in Spain with a combined installed capacity of 306 megawatts (MW), has upgraded facilities located in the autonomous regions of the Basque Country (three), Valencia (seven), Castile and León (15) Castile-La Mancha (four), Navarre (nine) and La Rioja (seven).

As the world’s leading renewable energy operator, with 14,390 MW installed capacity, as well as managing Spain’s largest renewable energy portfolio of 6,109 MW – of which 5,573 MW are wind – IBERDROLA confirms, with this project, its commitment to the renewable energy industry.


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