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  • Leading a consortium that includes Spanish firm Elytt Energy and Italian firm ASG Superconductor
  • In the Italian town of La Spezia, the company is building the 10 coils that will be installed in the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), the most important nuclear fusion project in the world 
  • The IBERDROLA subsidiary is also collaborating on other ITER project initiatives, such as the First Wall Panel and engineering projects

As part of a consortium that also includes Spanish firm Elytt Energy and Italian company ASG Superconductors, IBERDROLA INGENIERÍA has started to build the coils that will be installed inside the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), the world’s most important nuclear fusion project.

With a budget exceeding €150 million and considered to be one of ITER’s most important parts, the engineering and manufacturing of 10 large superconductor coils in the Italian town of La Spezia has now begun.

Weighing 100 tonne each, the coils were planned and designed by the same consortium in the first stage of the initiative. They will be in charge of generating a magnetic field that will keep the plasma in place in the chamber of the reactor.

This project, known as the technological core of ITER, is one of the key challenges currently undertaken by the European industry.

IBERDROLA INGENIERÍA is responsible for project management, engineering and quality control and balance–of–plant related engineering work.  Italian firm ASG Superconductors is responsible for the coil manufacturing operations.  Lastly, Elytt Energy is assisting ASG on defining the manufacturing processes for the coils.

The support of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, through the technology institutes CIEMAT and CDTI, has enabled IBERDROLA INGENIERÍA to become a benchmark for innovation in other key technology projects where it has participated.

Among the contracts awarded to IBERDROLA INGENIERÍA worth €20 million, we can highlight the design and manufacture of the First Wall Panel semi-prototype in a joint-venture with Leading Enterprise and AMEC. Since 2005, the company has been involved in the development of engineering, mechanical and electrical services  for the the Vacuum Chamber project, including control panels and facilities.

The ITER project seeks to demonstrate the feasibility of producing energy in a nuclear fusion reactor and aims to be the definitive test bed prior to the construction of electricity generation plants based on this technology.  It is a joint project involving the European Union, United States, China, Japan, Russia, South Korea and India.


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